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The best website is the one that is most visited. Its notoriety does not necessarily depend on the quality of the products or services offered. The first criterion for the success of an online shop or blog is its good positioning on SERP. Users only visit the first sites offered by the search engine. As a result, natural referencing has become the axial strategy for attracting flow to a domain. Site administrators are doing their best to snatch first place in their industry. It’s a tough battle in which the most creative get away with it. This practice is a summary of several other techniques that optimize the visibility of a site. SEO Montreal offers the best of them.

Understand everything about SEO REFERencing

To better understand the practice, a simplistic definition is required. Also called natural referencing, this solution consists of equipping a website with all the necessary assets to position it as a headliner on search engine result pages (SERP). Indeed, search engines, Google in particular, establish a certain hierarchy in the display of data to users. This ranking is based on the analysis of data collected during site indexing work. This practice is not frozen. It requires a frequent update so as not to tumble off its pedestal. Even if the order of the classification is difficult to change, the fact remains that it can be pushed around. But it requires a certain methodology and a lot of work to get there. Thanks to its SERP, Google offers the most reliable sites in a specific industry. The user considers this hierarchy as a reference. There are two main ways to get better known on search engine pages. SEA REFER is a sponsored SEO option. By this means, the sites pay money to extract the best positions. It makes it possible to appear in the first 4 results of the SERP. But Internet users have more confidence in natural referencing for several reasons. SEO REFERa is free and allows you to enjoy the most well-known sites. A free place on the SERP is actually earned. While search engine optimization (SEO) is the most popular SEO, its free doesn’t reflect the lack of strategies. It is done according to standards that only specialists master. Its principles are based, among other things, on analytical techniques and content marketing. The aim is to increase the visibility of the site. To be in pole position on SERP, it is advisable to entrust its natural referencing to professionals. Indexing to the required standards increases your chances of visibility. In Montreal, BlackcatSEO stands out for its expertise in the field of:

  • SEO technical analysis and performance
  • Semantic analysis and strategy
  • Active optimization on your site
  • Acquiring natural return links
  • Sharing by influencers

SEO Montreal agency for optimal natural referencing

According to statistics, 95 of Internet users are positioned on sites from the first pages of Google. The remaining 5 are among the few users who go beyond that to satisfy their curiosity. And in most cases, this minority doesn’t push its research very far anyway. 2 of them ventures to the sites found at the bottom of the ranking. It is therefore not obvious that your site, which unfortunately is in the depth of the ranking, is visited. What can I do to better position my site on Google? The SEO Montreal Agency offers its technical optimization solutions. We don’t just plan to bring free traffic to your site. We suggest you do better for your REFERencing. Our agency has the expertise to redirect to your skilled traffic domain. This digital strategy will allow you to attract customers who are actually looking for your products. We offer you a digital marketing strategy that creates and strengthens your image with your prospects and customers. Our work will revolve around essential techniques to increase the visibility of your site. It is a unique working method that takes into account your requirements.

SEO analysis

If you are looking for an SEO Montreal specialist, trust our agency. Before taking over your site, we will give you an unbiased SEO analysis. In reality, it is a complete audit of your domain. It is important both when creating and updating your website. This is a preliminary work that will allow a real dashboard of your website. This action allows you to appreciate the behavior of indexing robots in relation to the signals your site sends them. The ergonomics of your site will also be scrutinized. With SEO analysis, we will evaluate the user experience of your pages. How many sites approve of your content? We will answer this question through the analysis of the positioning of your domain.


Keywords are the boom you hand out to your prospects to reach you. It is therefore important to define them well in order to attract as many customers as possible. To get more qualified traffic, we’ll evaluate the reach of your keywords. Depending on your industry, we will identify those that are best suited to increase your visibility with users. Our specialists have the expertise to optimize each key word identified. It is a technique that allows to increase the natural traffic on a site tenfold. This step is crucial in achieving your technical optimization.


Optimal referencing requires a plan of action known in advance. Our experts are used to working according to a tripartite canvas. Thanks to this mode of action, our digital strategy is bearing fruit. We do the on-site actions first. They affect both the tree and the mesh of the pages. It’s a technical touch that optimizes the use of the site. The more you point out, the more Google notices you. We then offer you the best off-site actions. SEO Montreal will further enhance your netlinking to increase your popularity. Don’t forget that these links also introduce indexing robots to your site. Despite the evolution of natural referencing, algorithms still follow external links. Other technical actions will finally complete the work.

Content optimization

Google values content marketing. SEO specialists in Montreal will help you get quality content. We have web editors who can write articles that include your keywords. With their creativity, they will develop original items that can attract your customers. The most important thing in this content policy is to bring real information to your visitors. They have to learn something new from you. That’s what will inspire them to come back to your page. The SEO is therefore essentially based on the quality of what you write. The pages better positioned on SERP add value to customers. Our experts will help you.

Acquiring links

How can I better position my site? We solve this question that taunts the minds of many site administrators. Aside from outward-looking links, other types of links bring more authority to your site. Backlinks from high-profile sites position you better on SERP. Our agency offers quality links. We offer the best backlink acquisition campaign. You can benefit from links from institutional sites and blogs known for their seriousness. No site of this kind can agree to recommend you if you are not serious. This is a criterion that allows Google to list the best sites in a given industry. We also offer mobile referencing for mobile sites.

BlackcatSEO offers tailor-made referencing

We are a SEO Montreal structure that distinguishes itself from the others by customized solutions. We put customer satisfaction above everything. To do this, our experts listen to the smallest needs of the partners. We take care of the technical optimization of their website from A to to ensure you:

  • A quick return on investment on your web referencing campaigns
  • A strong conversion rate, and a low bounce rate guaranteeing skilled traffic
  • A sustainable, long-term win-win strategy on research equipment
  • A reliable measure of the impact of our campaigns: custom tracking.

Above all, we conduct a market study to better understand the realities of your sector. This is useful for us in establishing a work plan. This will allow you to better position yourself in search engines. Beyond a commercial approach, we make realistic proposals to our partners. Natural referencing is a long-term task, so the client has to wait until the process is completed. In fact, in a transparent approach, we help the site administrator to better understand how search engines work. We offer SEO training to follow with you the evolution of our work. With this training, you remain the sole master of your site. Despite our expertise, we leave your hand to be the final decision maker. Better yet, we will not commit you to a contract until you are satisfied with our services. You therefore have the free choice to terminate our collaboration if you find it useful. Our tailor-made solution takes into account each client’s budget. We do our best to adapt our ambitions to the desires of our customers. You can entrust us with optimizing your natural traffic regardless of the size and means of your business.

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