Cutting-Edge Web Writing and SEO

In the context of SEO writing, our web writers will analyze with you the most relevant keywords, your current rankings on those keywords compared to your competitors, and more. In the first case, our web writers will simply write your content without prior keyword research or competition analysis. Web writers do not write your content in the same way if it is a web page or a blog article. Writing web content involves using the right keywords and understanding the search intent.

Writing : Pillar of the Web

SEO web writing consists of writing content optimized for search engines and users. The debate rages on in the community of web writers and SEO consultants regarding the search engine’s real ability to take into account the semantics of each term, in every language… On the other hand, some suggest that Google does not fully exploit its analytical capacity because too few pages are written according to this reference, implicitly denouncing the poor writing quality of the majority of web portals.

Optimized content writing means writing content that meets the various search engine optimization criteria to naturally improve its ranking in search results and attract a larger volume of visitors. An elite writer contributes to achieving your business goals: content marketing, press releases, website content, brochures, annual reports, speeches, etc.

Training Offered by BlackCatSEO

By taking our SEO writing training optimized for search engines, you can put into practice the concepts learned to optimize your content and improve your rankings for the keywords of your choice. The results of publishing new web content for a website are measurable: increased traffic, more external links to your site (a key factor in SEO for your website), buzz via social networks… and, if that’s your goal, converting readers/internet users into paying customers through loyalty. To ensure the best organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are pleased to offer a content writing and editing service for your website and blog.

If we work together within a monthly SEO package, it is possible that the web writers have already started writing by the time you provide us with your topics. However, it is important to keep in mind that web writers are SEO content writers, not experts in your industry, and the purpose of web writing is to help improve your Google ranking, not to prove to the top experts in your industry that you possess absolute knowledge. Our web writers will then continue writing with the other pages of your site and send everything to you for validation once they have finished.

Whether you decide to entrust us with the creation/redesign of your website or if you need to add pages to your current site, our web writers can assist you in writing your content. The website writer is the person responsible for creating all the text and written content on a website.

Semantic Research and Copywriting

Our web content writers will conduct in-depth online research, followed by keyword analysis. The organization of information and the quality of your content are key criteria for the natural SEO of your website in search engines. To some extent, French speakers working in marketing face the same challenges: planning the writing of a piece, organizing ideas coherently in a text, paraphrasing the words of an author, choosing the right words, etc.

In addition to improving your organic rankings in search engines (SEO), content marketing contributes to your online success, virality, and defines your identity as a brand.

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