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Important steps in the user experience


The site must convince and bring serenity to internet users; it is necessary for Internet users to find more simply the answers to their questions. The design and graphics dive to reassure their choice.


The importance of optimizing SEO before the project is completed; Designing a site that matches different technical media and mobile and touch devices;


Orientation in choosing a design compatible with charming, practical, intuitive and useful ergonomics; Ergonomics must necessarily make finding information easy;

The mission of the web graphic designer

In reality, the role of the web graphic designer is to create and innovate the graphic part of websites or mobile applications such as images, logos, etc. It therefore has an important mission to make the sites sublime, to give them a remarkable identity and to strengthen their content.

To succeed in his mission, the web graphic designer must assimilate the informative and promotional objectives for a campaign as an example in order to achieve an artistic and visual construction. It will also make use of graphic components and use textual content that will vary depending on the targeted visitors.

Web identity

The presentation of your website should reflect the visual identity of your business. The first contact between your customers, your suppliers and your company is often through your company’s website. So if the design of your site’s web identity is overlooked, then you will definitely lose sales opportunities and potential partners. Your web design and SEO must thus converge with your identity and branding in front of users.

For this reason, your web identity is of great importance and is the entry point that will increase the visibility of your site. The only service that can perfectly design an excellent web identity for your business is the graphic design service. It is then up to you to know how to choose the web design service that will take care of the design of your site.

Web Design?

Web design (also called web design or website design) is the implementation of the web interface that takes into account:
  • Interactional architecture;
  • The organization of the pages;
  • The tree and browsing on a website.

The creation of a web design also takes into account the particular difficulties of internet support such as ergonomics, ease of use and accessibility.

In other words, web design is the transmission of information on the internet. To do so, it is essential that it meets requirements for achieving the objectives. It also includes the design of functional wireframes to determine the location of various elements such as titles, texts, menu, photos on the one hand. On the other hand, it consists of the creation of graphic models to establish the design of web pages.

The UI

IU means a user interface that is related to the register of information technology, and more specifically in the realization of human-machine interface (IHM). Its mission is to perfect a user’s interaction with the interface. Thus, the UI designer is the one that makes an excellent interface for use for users.

Depending on the standards and processes related to the ergonomics of interfaces, it creates and defines the different positions of the graphic and verbatim elements of a web interface as an example. As far as its objectives are concerned, it makes it easier for internet users to navigate by providing useful, intuitive and operational ergonomic scans.

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