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Tout-Louer.com - Development of a Service Exchange Platform and Traffic Acquisition Strategy by BlackcatSEO Introduction to Tout-Louer.com: An Innovative Service Exchange Platform Tout-Louer.com is a revolutionary online platform for individuals and professionals to rent and rent a variety of services and tools in various categories such as renovation, gardening, maintenance, care and beauty, as well [...]



SEO Strategy - RespiArt - Leader in CPAP in Montreal In the field of respiratory health, every breath counts. At RespiArt.ca, we understand the critical importance of offering quality services and strengthening the online presence to better serve people with respiratory conditions. It is in this spirit that we have collaborated with RespiArt to offer [...]



SEO and SEO Planico.ca at the Financial Planning Summit in Montreal The financial planning market in Montreal is a demanding field where every strategy counts. At BlackcatSEO.ca, we have risen to this challenge brilliantly by collaborating with Planico to create an online presence that stands out in this competitive market. Captivating and Compelling Website Design: [...]

Locksmith Momo


Momo Locksmith - Site Design, 360° SEO, Content and Backlinks for a Reinforced Presence In the demanding locksmith market in Montreal, Serrurier Momo stands out for its commitment to excellence and its ability to meet the needs of its customers with efficiency. At BlackcatSEO Inc., we had the privilege of collaborating with Serrurier Momo for [...]

Parent Osteopath


Project description Web design Creating the design and integrating all the content. Optimizing the user experience. Develop the site on the CMS WordPress. Develop the Responsive version. Multi-navigator platform.   Web technologies Site developed in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript and PHP5. Using the WordPress platform with a custom theme. Using Photoshop for the graphic design [...]



MTLonline.ca - Media Owned by BlackcatSEO Inc. with an All-in-One Approach MTLonline.ca, the leading online media outlet on the Montreal scene, is much more than just a source of information. As owned by BlackcatSEO Inc., we have had the opportunity to shape and grow this media with an all-in-one approach. From the initial design to [...]



Volthium.com - Natural referencing on Lithium Batteries + Complete Redesign, Satellite Sites and Media Publications Volthium.com, a major player in the lithium battery industry, is much more than just an online sales platform. We had the privilege of collaborating with Volthium.com for a complete digital transformation, including a redesign of the site, an in-depth SEO [...]

SV Jeweler


The Art of Knives in Montreal with a Redesign, SEO and Strategic Press Releases SV Joaillier, a master cutler in Montreal, embodies the art and excellence in cutlery. We had the privilege of collaborating with SV Joaillier for a complete digital transformation, including a redesign of the site, a customized SEO strategy and the publication [...]

SSI Group


SSI Group - Strengthening Online Visibility through a WordPress Redesign and SEO Strategy SSI Group, a leader in the field of security and surveillance in Montreal, is committed to offering innovative and reliable solutions to its customers. We had the privilege of collaborating with SSI Group for a complete digital transformation, including a redesign of [...]

C19 WorldNews


C19 WorldNews - Web Media Design and SEO Strategy for a Worldwide Economy C19 WorldNews, a media outlet dedicated to information about COVID-19, is committed to providing reliable and up-to-date information on the global pandemic. We had the privilege of collaborating with C19 WorldNews for a complete digital transformation, including a complete web media design [...]

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