Project Description – Natural referencing on Lithium Batteries + Complete Redesign, Satellite Sites and Media Publications, a major player in the lithium battery industry, is much more than just an online sales platform. We had the privilege of collaborating with for a complete digital transformation, including a redesign of the site, an in-depth SEO strategy, the creation of dedicated satellite sites and strategic media publications, propelling their business to new heights.

Complete Overhaul: User Experience Modernization

We’ve redesigned and rebuilt to deliver a great user experience. From intuitive navigation to product prominence, every element has been optimized to captivate visitors and convert them into loyal customers. The new interface reflects the innovation and reliability associated with’s products.

In-depth SEO Strategy: Optimal Visibility in Search Results

Our personalized SEO approach has allowed to position itself at the top of relevant search results. We have carried out a detailed keyword analysis, optimized the content of the site and implemented advanced technical optimization techniques to ensure maximum visibility in search engines, thus attracting qualified traffic and generating conversions.

Satellite Site Creation: Strategic Expansion of Online Presence

To strengthen’s presence in its field, we have created dedicated satellite sites, providing an additional platform to promote their specific products and services. These targeted satellite sites allow to reach new markets and diversify its customer base.

Strategic Media Publications: Enhanced Reach and Authority

We developed a strategic media publishing strategy for, increasing its visibility and strengthening its authority in the lithium battery industry. Partnerships with specialized media and informative articles have allowed to position itself as a thought leader in its field.