Project Description

Pardon Quebec Referencing: Pardon and Criminal Record Erasure Services in Quebec

Pardon Québec is a company offering pardon and record expungement services in Quebec. Their commitment to their clients and their expertise in the legal field make them a trusted choice for those looking to redress their legal situation. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, Pardon Quebec has undertaken a strategy of regaining control of its website, optimizing content and offsite promotion to strengthen its online presence and attract new customers.

Site Control Recovery and CTA Optimization

BlackcatSEO started by helping Pardon Quebec regain control of its website by identifying and fixing technical and design issues that were affecting the site’s performance. This included optimizing calls to action (CTAs) to improve the conversion of visitors into leads. By streamlining the user experience and making CTAs more visible and engaging, Pardon Quebec was better equipped to capture and convert incoming traffic.

Work on Content and Offsite Promotion

Once control of the site was regained, BlackcatSEO worked on optimizing Pardon Quebec’s content to better meet the needs and questions of its potential customers. This included writing informative and relevant content, highlighting the services offered by the company and providing useful information about the pardon and criminal record expungement process in Quebec. At the same time, an off-site promotion strategy has been put in place, involving the dissemination of content on relevant local and thematic media and directories to attract the attention of new potential customers.

With this recovery of site control, content optimization and offsite promotion implemented by BlackcatSEO, Pardon Quebec has observed a significant increase in organic traffic to its website, as well as an improvement in the visibility of its online services. The adjustments made to the CTAs have also contributed to an increase in the conversion rate, allowing Pardon Québec to better capture and convert visitors into potential customers. Overall, these efforts have strengthened Pardon Quebec’s position as a leader in the field of pardons and record expungement in Quebec.