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We put SEO at the heart of the success of our strategies.

SEO Montreal

BlackCatSEO is a Montreal-based digital marketing agency, specializing in research marketing known for its excellence in web strategy, SEO, Adwords, and its innovation. Our SEO agency in Montreal is specializes in technical and strategic referencing solutions (search engine optimization) designed to drive traffic and sales to local business, e-commerce and enterprise websites. With unparalleled research capabilities in many French-speaking and English-speaking jurisdictions, our team provides decision-making information that goes beyond standard datasets. The strategic advice we provide is focused on maximum impact and speed, enabling a quick return on investment. We establish concrete, effective and measurable SEO actions for companies in Montreal, France, or the United States, English or French, in local or international markets. Our teams in Montreal, or Lyon, start by listening carefully to your project.

A measurable ROI!

Sites that appear higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo results are visited more often, and in return benefit from more traffic. That’s why BlackCat SEO Montreal starts by researching keywords, competition and technical aspects of their client’s website, to propose a personalized referencing strategy, including: Technical optimization, semantic optimization, media/PPC/social optimization, external promotional optimization, and complete web security. With BlackCatSEO Montreal, you have your 360 web team.

The BlackCat claw.


We build a site according to your criteria, and benefit from the best practices for the SEO. You stay in control and own everything.
We’re building for SEO.

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We optimize content marketing for your SME and its traffic. The SEO strategy is built ‘tailor-made’. We do referencing for your audience

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We emphasize the Backlinks has strong authority for organic referencing and local SEO. Media publications, PR, etc. Our agency thinks ‘next door’.

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The code, content, structure – are optimized on your site to not lose any traffic. And above all: speed and web performance! Nothing escapes our experts.

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Increased traffic and conversion – increased sales and revenues. We analyze vital data beyond SEO. Our agency in Montreal is with you.

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BlackCat SEO Excellence

The agency BlackCat SEO in Montreal masters unique web referencing techniques aimed at the natural and organic increase of your organic traffic, for healthy results in terms of SEO and web referencing for several years, for SMEs in Montreal and elsewhere. We offer search engines a coherence between clean internal content, high-performance technology, and various external signals such as feedback links or social sharing. So, whether you’re doing business in Montreal, Canada, the USA, or Europe, as a result, Black Cat SEO guides you through the relatively long process of internet and external optimization of your site.

We set ourselves apart from other SEO and SEO agencies because of our unique methodology supported by state-of-the-art internal software, and available only to our customers. With our unparalleled research and analysis tools, our strategies go beyond traditional data. Our strategic advice is focused on the maximum impact/ ROI, in the shortest possible time, for the best SEO in Montreal.

  • We optimize the performance, codeand definition of your content , in order to respond to the user AND the crawler.
  • We increase the intensity and quality of external signals (links and social) in order to obtain organic results.

A fast site is, according to Google, more ‘close’ information to the user. We optimize every technical aspect of your site, tracing the shortest and most efficient path to your goal. Whether you want to completely change your technology, or just fix a site, we have an effective, and tailored solution. This is the technical key to optimal natural referencing.

  • Fixed code – cleaning and compressions.
  • Caching optimization (items that can be stored according to defined parameters, for faster loading)
  • Structural optimization (CSS organization, JS..)

Content is as important to the user and customer as it is to Google and its bots. We study the lexical field of each market using our semantic tools. By using your existing content and products, or by creating new texts, the description of your products and services is the central pillar of our SEO or Web Marketing strategy, around which:

  • The tags pre-code (Metatags, Alt and Title, H1, etc.)
  • In-house updates, used to build credibility and authority.
  • External and social promotion.

Social platforms are an integral part of every website but also useful external signals to your SEO and your good referencing. These ‘dynamic showcases’ about the social commitment of a company’s products or services is useful: to create a sense of trust, for the user and therefore, for the robot that judges your site in order to position it. We support the creation of social profiles, or we promote them as they are in order to attract hundreds of other fans to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

The trickiest aspect of any search engine referencing strategy is the construction of return links,or ‘backlinks‘. Considered a manipulation of search results, that is why they are discouraged by the search engines themselves. However, backlinks are still the main method of transferring credibility and authority, and must therefore be practiced seriously in order to improve its rankings. We create:

  • Quality, contextual (market-related) and sustainable links over time
  • Maintaining these links,with updates and backlinks of second level

Due to the nature of search engine algorithms, no serious SEO company can guarantee a first position on the results pages. At BlackCatSEO, we guarantee the first google organic results a few weeks after the first external optimizations. What for? We build our results according to a proven method: we start by cleaning up the internal base of the site, its content, and then amplify the external and social signals. When we get to this point, we just have to watch the results go up! Meet your Reference Specialist in Montreal without further ado, or make an appointment to learn more about our SEO Reference Training!

SEO Montreal - Google Reference

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    Customer Testimonials

    “Excellent value for money! All my keywords are still on the front page 4 months after the work is completed. I submit all my technical decisions to BlackCatSEO. Thank you! “
    Jean-Marc Saint-Vil, Gaia Expertise
    Working with BlackCatSEO has been an incredible opportunity to learn many of the strategic aspects that I continue to use today. Our content and social strategy rivals the best!
    Julie Rezo, The Feline
    The site is still progressing: today, I have exceeded the 30,000 impressions per month growing by 34 . Thank you again for the work you’ve done.
    Serge Moquin, Netcertification
    “BlackCat’s SEO strategy continues to provide us with a qualified audience and we are now working on a maintenance plan to maintain our natural rankings.”
    Martin Lafaille, ICMulticoncept
    “Super responsiveness and continuous growth, quite systematically, on the keywords ‘montreal caterer’ and ‘processor’ – city. Traffic has been growing thanks to SEO for more than a year. “
    Julien Letierce, The Gourmand Pan

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