Marrakech Treasures


Marrakech Treasures - WooCommerce Optimization for a Craft Shop Marrakech Treasures is an online store specializing in the sale of Moroccan handicrafts, offering a wide range of unique items such as rugs, lighting, textiles, and decorations. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, Marrakech Treasures undertakes a WooCommerce optimization strategy for its products, including rewriting product descriptions and [...]



Machériebleue - Inventory Update and SEO Strategy for a Wedding Dresses Shopify Site Machériebleue is an online store specializing in the sale of wedding dresses, offering a wide range of styles for every bride. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, Machériebleue undertakes a proactive strategy to keep its wedding dress inventory up to date and strengthen its [...]

Eve Lavoie


evelavoie.com - SEO Optimization for a Quebec Clothing Designer on Shopify evelavoie.com is an online store offering clothing designed by Quebec designer, Ève Lavoie. Its commitment to quality, design and sustainability make it a preferred choice for fashion lovers who care about supporting local designers. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, evelavoie.com undertook an SEO optimization strategy [...]



Tout-Louer.com - Development of a Service Exchange Platform and Traffic Acquisition Strategy by BlackcatSEO Introduction to Tout-Louer.com: An Innovative Service Exchange Platform Tout-Louer.com is a revolutionary online platform for individuals and professionals to rent and rent a variety of services and tools in various categories such as renovation, gardening, maintenance, care and beauty, as well [...]



SEO Strategy - RespiArt - Leader in CPAP in Montreal In the field of respiratory health, every breath counts. At RespiArt.ca, we understand the critical importance of offering quality services and strengthening the online presence to better serve people with respiratory conditions. It is in this spirit that we have collaborated with RespiArt to offer [...]



Volthium.com - Natural referencing on Lithium Batteries + Complete Redesign, Satellite Sites and Media Publications Volthium.com, a major player in the lithium battery industry, is much more than just an online sales platform. We had the privilege of collaborating with Volthium.com for a complete digital transformation, including a redesign of the site, an in-depth SEO [...]

Aplus Repair


ReparationAplus.ca - Revolution in Appliance Repair with a Transactional Site and a Comprehensive SEO Strategy ReparationAplus.ca, the trusted expert in the repair of appliances of all types, is committed to providing quick and efficient solutions to its customers. Our collaboration with ReparationAplus.ca resulted in the creation of a dynamic website, with a transactional e-commerce platform [...]

Nanette de Gaspé


Nanette de Gaspé - Technical SEO Consultation by BlackcatSEO Nanette de Gaspé, a renowned luxury skincare brand, sought BlackcatSEO's expertise for a technical SEO consultation aimed at optimizing its online presence and strengthening its visibility in search engines. This consultation focused on improving various technical aspects of Nanette de Gaspé's website to ensure an optimal [...]

The Canadian Shoes


La Canadienne Shoes - Technical SEO Consultation by BlackcatSEO La Canadienne Shoes, a well-known brand in the Canadian footwear industry, sought BlackcatSEO's expertise for a technical SEO consultation aimed at improving the visibility and performance of its website. The consultation focused on optimizing shopping filters and descriptions in search results pages (SRPs), in order to [...]

Buy the best


Achetezlemeilleur.ca - Offsite SEO Strategy by BlackcatSEO Achetezlemeilleur.ca is a media site specializing in buying guides and comparisons, offering valuable advice to consumers to help them make informed decisions. BlackcatSEO was mandated to implement an offsite SEO strategy aimed at boosting the site's visibility and authority, as well as increasing its organic traffic in the [...]

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