Project Description – Offsite SEO Strategy by BlackcatSEO is a media site specializing in buying guides and comparisons, offering valuable advice to consumers to help them make informed decisions. BlackcatSEO was mandated to implement an offsite SEO strategy aimed at boosting the site’s visibility and authority, as well as increasing its organic traffic in the long run.

Backlink Analysis and Research: Building Domain Authority

BlackcatSEO started by conducting an in-depth analysis of existing backlinks pointing to, as well as those of its competitors. Based on this data, a backlink building strategy was developed, targeting authority sites in the field of e-commerce, product testing, and buying guides.

Personalized Outreach: Collaboration with Relevant Partners

A personalized approach was taken to reach out to relevant sites and establish backlinking partnerships. BlackcatSEO has identified opportunities to collaborate with blogs, forums, niche sites, and influencers in the field of buying guides and product comparisons, ensuring high-quality and relevant links for

Creating Engaging Content: Promotion Through Guest Posts and Partnerships

To maximize the impact of the offsite SEO strategy, BlackcatSEO also focused on creating engaging content to share with partner sites. Informative guest posts and content partnerships have been established with related media outlets, providing increased visibility to while building its authority in the field.

Monitoring and Optimization: Measurement of Results and Continuous Adjustments

BlackcatSEO has set up a detailed tracking system to monitor the performance of backlinks and their impact on’s ranking in search results. The data collected was used to adjust the strategy over time, with a focus on the most effective tactics to maximize ROI in terms of organic traffic and domain authority.

Thanks to BlackcatSEO’s strategic and personalized approach to offline SEO, has strengthened its position as an authority in the field of online shopping guides and comparisons, thus attracting a qualified audience and increasing its visibility in the long term.