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BlackcatSEO Inc. Code of Ethics

An SEO agency in Montreal is more than marketing; It’s a heavy responsibility with a large audience in Quebec and internationally. . At BlackCatSEO, our mission goes beyond simply providing web marketing services. We are committed to setting high standards of excellence, integrity and environmental responsibility in all our operations. This Code of Ethics illustrates our commitment to authentic, ethical, and eco-responsible practices, guiding our interaction with customers, partners, and the environment.

 BlackCat Authenticity in Content and SEO

Respectful of information in general, the BlackCat team is committed above all to providing honest strategies based on real Added Value. We are committed to maintaining a high level of authenticity in all of our content creation and SEO strategies. For BlackCatSEO, this means developing custom SEO strategies that accurately reflect our clients’ mission and values, while providing real value to end users. Our goal is to create content that is engaging, informative, and genuinely useful to the target audience.

Ethical BlackCat SEO Practices (White Hat)

We make one point clear here: BlackCatSEO strongly adheres to so-called “White Hat” SEO practices, fully complying with search engine guidelines. Our brand name has nothing to do with so-called ‘Black Hat’ practices. We renounce all forms of manipulation or unfair tactics, favoring a transparent and deserved approach to gain visibility. Our optimization techniques are designed to ensure the longevity and stability of our clients’ online presence.

BlackCat’s Commitment to Sustainability

We take active steps to minimize our environmental impact. This includes choosing green web hosting, optimizing site performance and speed to reduce energy consumption, and promoting work practices that limit unnecessary travel. Cats are loyal, but limit their energy expenditure. BlackCatSEO strives to contribute to a more sustainable digital future.


Feline Loyalty, Respect and Transparency

You are assured of our loyalty, respect and transparency, by collaborating with our teams. Loyalty to our customers and respect for competition are pillars of our corporate ethics. BlackCatSEO is committed to acting with integrity, offering honest and transparent advice, and to respecting all stakeholders with fairness and professionalism.

Copyright Integrity and Respect

With the amount of content we produce today, only solid know-how and a transparent process guarantee us that copyright is respected. We respect intellectual property and are committed to using all content ethically. Any use of copyrighted material is duly authorized or properly attributed, ensuring respect for the original creators.

Taking into account the well-being of Users and Customers

In all our strategies, user well-being and customer satisfaction are a priority. We are committed to developing solutions that serve the interests of our customers while ensuring the end-user experience and security.

 Our Code of Ethics reflects our ongoing commitment to quality, professional ethics and social and environmental responsibility in the web marketing business. At BlackCatSEO, we are determined to act not only as providers, but as responsible and future-conscious partners, contributing to a fairer, more transparent and sustainable digital world.

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