Protecting your business from intrusion

Our interventions are carried out by providing expertise and an external look to the company, and can result in remote or on-site assistance, on a regular or ad hoc basis depending on the projects and needs identified.

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The objective of this cluster is to analyse the organization or a given system in a preventive and proactive way: to examine and analyse the level of security in place of a target organisation, infrastructure or system. We determine possible vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities and their level of criticality.

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The objective of this cluster is to respond to any incident related to the digital component: following the (un)voluntary deletion of digital data within an information system, the inability to access an authentication system or an encrypted element, the theft or deterioration of data, identity theft, etc.

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The objective of this cluster is to secure information related to the human component (staff, collaborators, competitors) to ravers a mixture of techniques and pyshological manipulation. The term also used in reference to these techniques is also: hacking/psychological fraud.

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Protect the Human and Digital component.

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Protect The Company

Employee awareness and development of strong cybersecurity policies.

Protect Identity

Measures to protect online identity, strengthen passwords and prevent identity theft.

Protect the equipment

Protective measures for computers, tablets, home networks and mobile devices.

Types of benefits

Cybersecurity is broad: our agency focuses on the expertise it masters perfectly. Each service is complementary and aims to integrate into your company’s existing processes. Several types of benefits are generally affected, including:

Support, Training and Advice Centre

To assist in the adoption of good security practices, to integrate a security repository, to assist the arrival of a new RSSI, to accompany and advise existing teams following a surge in activity, to delegate expert IT resources on a time-share, etc.

Adopting good practices
Integration of security measures
Ensure good human and technical cohesion with external providers
Support in the implementation of strategic security measures

Security audits and intrusion tests

Audit of a web server, verification of OWASP TOP 10 compliance before going into production, simulation of a pirate attack on a probate system, full-scale intrusion test to test the reaction of existing teams and discover flaws, sensitive application application security audit, waterproofing test of a company directory, etc.

Server audits
Compliance checks
Intrusion tests
Log analysis

Digital investigation

Our interventions are specific to each situation that arises. Establishing a state of affairs, collecting data and digital evidence, building a file with a total traceability of the actions carried out. For example, following the removal by a collaborator, analysis of hard drives in order to find traces, a proven intrusion, analysis of logs in order to find traces of digital theft in a company, collection of elements to identify changes made by a stakeholder on a documentary basis, etc.

Social Engineering

Following the hiring of new staff on a sensitive or confidential project, the analysis and tracing of additional information to the traditional
‘Background Check’ is at the heart of the company’s data security strategy. The dangers of personal footprinting on the net (humans)

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