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Organic traffic 97
Conversions / Sales 95
Visibility 85
Gains PPC Costs 75

Customer Testimonials

“Excellent value for money! All my keywords are still on the front page 4 months after the work is completed. I submit all my technical decisions to BlackCatSEO. Thank you! “
Temoignage Blackcat SEOJean-Marc Saint-Vil, Gaia Expertise
Amazing results in just a few weeks – my site has attracted many keywords related to drug names! A long-tail strategy that continues to bear fruit.
Asma.S, Pharmapause
Working with BlackCatSEO has been an incredible opportunity to learn many of the strategic aspects that I continue to use today. Our content and social strategy rivals the best!
Temoignage Blackcat SEOJulie Rezo, The Feline
The site is still progressing: today, I have exceeded the 30,000 impressions per month growing by 34 . Thank you again for the work you’ve done.
Temoignage Blackcat SEOSerge Moquin, Netcertification
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