Project Description

MaLoi25 Program – Supporting Businesses in their Compliance with Bill 25

The MaLoi25 program, designed and administered by In-Sec-M in partnership with the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE), is an essential initiative to help SMEs and SMOs in Quebec comply with Bill 25 and strengthen their cyber resilience. BlackcatSEO collaborated with In-Sec-M to optimize MaLoi25’s online visibility and strengthen its presence in the Quebec digital landscape. This case study highlights joint efforts to promote this crucial program to Quebec companies and ensure its success.

Introduction to the MyLaw25 Program

The MyLaw25 Program is a proactive response to the growing cybersecurity challenges facing Quebec businesses. By offering concrete assistance to SMEs and SMOs to comply with Bill 25, this program subsidized by the Government of Quebec plays a crucial role in the protection of data and digital infrastructure of Quebec companies.

MaLoi25 Online Visibility Analysis

BlackcatSEO conducted an in-depth analysis of MaLoi25’s online presence, assessing its visibility in local search results and identifying opportunities for improvement to promote the program to businesses in Quebec. This analysis provided insight into the specific challenges that MyLaw25 faced in terms of online visibility.

Online Promotion Strategy

Based on the initial analysis, BlackcatSEO developed a tailor-made online promotion strategy for MaLoi25, focusing on creating relevant and informative content to raise awareness among Quebec businesses about the importance of Bill 25 compliance and the benefits of the MyLaw25 program. This strategy also included local SEO efforts to target businesses in different regions of Quebec.

Creating Informative and Relevant Content

BlackcatSEO has worked closely with the MaLoi25 team to create informative and relevant content, such as blog posts, how-to guides and case studies, highlighting the implications of Bill 25 for Quebec businesses and the solutions offered by the MaLoi25 program. This content has been optimized for relevant keywords and the search intentions of Quebec companies.

Promotion on Social Media and Digital Channels

In addition to the content created, BlackcatSEO has implemented promotion strategies on social networks and relevant digital channels to effectively reach businesses in Quebec. Targeted campaigns have been launched to promote the MaLoi25 programme and encourage business engagement and participation.