Project Description – SEO Consultation for Optimal Content Prioritization and Structuring is a global leader in accounting and property management software solutions. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned them as a top choice for companies looking to optimize their financial and real estate processes. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, undertook an in-depth SEO consultation as part of a future redesign of its website, aiming to prioritize and structure its content in an optimal way to improve its online visibility.

SEO Consultation for a Future Site Redesign

BlackcatSEO worked closely with the team to understand the goals of the site redesign and identify SEO best practices to achieve those goals. The consultation began with an in-depth analysis of the architecture and structure of the existing site, as well as an assessment of the competition and market trends. Based on this, recommendations were made to prioritize and structure the content in a way that improved the relevance and visibility of the site in search results.

Prioritization and Structuring of Content

The SEO consultation helped define a content prioritization and structuring strategy that highlights’s flagship solutions and services, while optimizing navigation for users and search engines. This included creating content clusters around strategic keywords, streamlining navigation to improve the user experience, and optimizing HTML tags to make the site more relevant to search engines.

Although the redesign of the site is not yet complete, the SEO consultation recommendations provided by BlackcatSEO have allowed to lay the foundation for a solid and effective content strategy. By prioritizing and structuring content optimally, is well-positioned to improve its online visibility, drive qualified traffic to its website, and strengthen its position as a leader in accounting and property management solutions.