Project Description

Clark Influence – Strengthening Local Positioning through SEO and Offsite Promotion

Clark Influence is an influencer marketing and influencer marketing agency with a presence in several major cities such as Montreal, Paris, Toronto and Rio de Janeiro. Their expertise in the field of online influence makes them a partner of choice for companies looking to increase their visibility and impact on social media. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, Clark Influence undertook a targeted SEO strategy to strengthen its local positioning in each of these key cities.

Strengthening Local Positioning by City

BlackcatSEO started the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of Clark Influence’s current positioning in each target city. This included reviewing the organic visibility of their website, as well as identifying growth opportunities and challenges specific to each local market. Based on this, a tailor-made strategy was developed to optimize onsite content, as well as to promote Clark Influence’s presence through offsite channels, such as social media and local partnerships.

Onsite SEO & Content Optimization

The first step in the strategy was to optimize Clark Influence’s on-site content for each local market. This included adjusting meta tags, optimizing content to include relevant and city-specific keywords, as well as improving the site structure to make it easier for local users to navigate. This approach helped to strengthen Clark Influence’s relevance to local search queries and improve its ranking in organic search results.

Offsite Promotion and Local Partnerships

In parallel with onsite optimization, BlackcatSEO worked on Clark Influence’s offsite promotion to strengthen its presence in each target city. This included creating market-specific promotional content, delivering that content on social media and local publishing platforms, as well as partnering with local influencers and businesses. This approach has allowed Clark Influence to gain visibility and authority in each local market, thus strengthening its positioning in the field of influencer marketing and influencer marketing.