The issue of Artificial Intelligence in SEO is fundamental, and plays an increasingly important role! Not only are tools becoming more popular and making certain jobs disappear from the web, computer graphics, or copywriters, but above all: users tend to look for pre-formulated answers rather than browsing the results pages of traditional search engines. This gave birth to Optimization for Response Engines (OMR).

At BlackcatSEO, we offer AEO (Answer Engine Optimization) services to help you stand out in this ever-changing environment, complementing traditional SEO services.

In addition, we develop our own tools using Artificial Intelligence, in order to configure these tools according to our experience and allow our customers to benefit from our expertise.

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI)-based tools in SEO cannot be understated. At a time when the amount of data available is exploding and search algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, AI tools offer SEO specialists an unparalleled ability to analyze, understand, and act.

Prediict, the BlackCatSEO integrated tool

Prediict, the revolutionary new app designed by BlackcatSEO agency, redefines the approach to SEO analysis and content creation through an ingenious integration with Search Console and ChatGPT. This forward-thinking platform provides users with direct access to valuable Search Console data, which it processes using ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence to provide actionable analytics and insights.

Key Features of Prediict:

  • Search Console integration: Get real-time access to your site’s performance data, such as impressions, clicks, and keyword position, directly from Search Console.
  • ChatGPT-Driven Analytics: Using ChatGPT’s AI, Prediict analyzes this data to identify optimization opportunities, keyword trends, and strategic insights.
  • Predictive SEO: By leveraging AI’s advanced analytics capabilities, Prediict anticipates trends and changes in search behaviors, allowing you to proactively adjust your SEO strategy.
  • Qualified Text Generation: Prediict uses ChatGPT to generate high-quality SEO-optimized content that is tailored to your needs and aligned with the latest search trends.
  • Automated Reporting: Save time with automated, customized reports summarizing performance, opportunities for improvement, and recommended actions.

Time Savings & Benefits:

  • Real-time reporting: Save hours of work with instant reports, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions.
  • Efficient Optimization: Quickly identify and implement SEO improvements, thanks to the accurate analytics and recommendations provided by the app.
  • Strategic Content: Generate content aligned with your SEO strategy in just a few clicks, reducing the time spent on research and writing.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: With insights based on real and current data, Prediict facilitates strategic and informed decision-making.
  • Predictive SEO: Anticipate changes in search trends and adjust your strategy ahead of time, always staying one step ahead of the competition.



Understanding Optimization for Response Engines

OMR is the natural evolution of search engine optimization (SEO). While traditional SEO focuses on ranking in search engine results pages, OMR aims to optimize your company’s visibility in response engines. These engines, powered by cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT, provide direct answers to users’ questions.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information on how to leverage current AI models for your SEO strategy.