Project Description

Cleaning Experts – Multidimensional SEO Campaigns from Ventilation Duct and Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Nettoyage Experts is a company that specializes in professional cleaning of ventilation ducts and carpets. Their commitment to quality and customer service makes them a preferred choice for homeowners concerned about maintaining a clean and healthy environment. In partnership with BlackcatSEO, Nettoyage Experts has launched a series of SEO campaigns aimed at improving its online visibility and attracting qualified traffic to its website.

Onsite, Technical and Semantic SEO Campaigns

BlackcatSEO started with an in-depth analysis of the Nettoyage Experts website to identify opportunities for improvement in terms of onsite, technical, and semantic optimization. This included optimizing meta tags, improving URL structure, writing quality content with relevant keywords, and optimizing site loading speed. These adjustments increased the site’s relevance and visibility in organic search results.

Directory and Media Listing Strategy

In parallel with onsite optimization, BlackcatSEO has implemented a strategy of listing in local directories and media specializing in cleaning and maintenance. This included listing Nettoyage Experts on relevant online platforms, publishing press releases and articles on specialized sites, and creating professional profiles on local business directories. These actions have increased the visibility of Nettoyage Experts in its region and strengthened its credibility with potential customers.

Impacts SEO

Thanks to the multi-dimensional SEO campaigns run by BlackcatSEO, Nettoyage Experts has observed a significant increase in organic traffic to its website, as well as an improvement in its ranking in search results for relevant keywords such as “ventilation duct cleaning” and “carpet cleaning”. These results not only strengthened Nettoyage Experts’ online presence, but also helped attract a steady stream of potential customers looking for professional cleaning services in their area.