Link Building et Netlinking

Link building is one of the key criteria in any web SEO strategy. It comes after all internal optimizations’ or 'on-site', intending to promote the accessibility of the crawler, or crawler. Building incoming links is the increase of external signals ,ou ‘off-site’ and will be crucial in all of your SEO campaign results.

The starting point for any Link building strategy (Link Building) or netlinking lies in the consistency between your internal and your external semantic fields semantic fields. This correspondence by 'vertical’ will remain fundamental in your web marketing campaign Long-term. It's why we remember the importance of start it with a proper lexical analysis. Indeed, every future effort you need to perform to the web promotion of your website, must be aligned on a lexical verticals of your site.

This systematic correspondence guaranteed integrity in your web marketing strategy, and allow you to accumulate several unique advantages :

  • Receive an instant referral traffic : our publications, indeed, you ensure visibility among a highly qualified audience for your market . This gives you a direct entry into the information your prospects basin, or future customers.
  • Enjoy an organic article, enjoying a back link to your website, and ensuring a transfer of authority : - basis of linkbuilding
  • To build, gradually, and echo your brand, or ' branding’ in good French.

The quality of backlinks to build is fundamental. Several criteria are to keep in mind when you square a campaign of building links for SEO of your site :


  • The diversity of links is important : so you should have articles pointing to your service or product page, as much, as other sources should point to these pages, such as : bookmarks, profiles or contextual comments and skilled, etc..
  • Links quality, which is in itself an open debate.. However, we will agree on the CLICK as the main quality KPI for links. Indeed, The higher the CTR is for a backlink ((click-through-rate)) the best : , and more likely it is to transfer authority to your site.
  • The theme, or context of those links : because it is obvious that the context induces increased relevance.
  • The geographical source or website language sometimes are important criteria

In Montreal as elsewhere, The quality of backlinks that you build must, as much as possible, approach the quality of a media publication. Chez BlackcatSEO, we take advantage of our expertise in both areas to accumulate great results for all our customers, in all markets !

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