SEO strategy & planning

The Internet is a revolutionary solution that offers many benefits to businesses of all kinds. It allows them to exist on a dematerialized platform like a website, and to reach as many people as possible. However, in order to take full advantage of its website, it is necessary for the latter to be in tune with search engines. It is in particular with this in mind that the SEO strategywas born. This article offers an overview of this strategy.

Everything you need to know about an SEO strategy

To fully understand the concept of “SEO Strategy”, it is important to immerse yourself in the concept of SEO. Indeed, the SEO(Search Engine Optimazation)is all the techniques aimed at improving the design of the theme as well as that of the content of an Internet page, by the various search engine indexing robots.

Thus, the SEO strategy can be defined as the set of actions carried out with the aim ofoptimizing,in the long term, the various elements that come into account in the evaluation of your website by search engines.

In general, this online strategy is based on the definition of relevant keywords,the quality of the content,thetechnical optimization of your page as well as the optimization ofincoming links.

What is the use of an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy conforms to the language of search engines in order to maximize your site’s chance of being ranked among the best search results. Its goal is to increase traffic to your website by positioning it on the first page of Google search and better, among the first results of this page. Thus, an SEO strategy increases the visibility and notoriety of your website. This increases your company’s customer base and in the same way increases your company’s turnover.

It’s both an effective and cost-effective strategy, because unlike Adwords advertising, it saves you from paying Google. économique Although the results of this digital strategy are not automatically visible, it remains a sustainable solution. With this strategy, you no longer need to invest an advertising budget to stay visible on Google.

The SEO strategy aims to improve Google’s perception of your site and correct harmful imperfections to google’s natural referencing. But more than that, it aims to improve the quality of content to make it attractive to search engines, including Google. The SEO strategy also takes into account the concepts of the website’s responsibility, its ergonomics, its internal mesh, the time it is loaded and its security.

What are the actions to take for a good SEO strategy?

To have a good SEO strategy, it is important to take action in the context of optimizing the content of your site, that of its external environment as well as its technical optimization.

Optimizing your site’s content

Optimizingthe content of a website is an important step in an SEO strategy. It aims to use a set of keywords defined beforehand, to make the content compliant with the quality criteria of the different search engines.

However, to be successful in optimizing content, it will have to be of good quality. Good, optimized editorial content is content that meets the expectations of its target as well as those of search engines. It is therefore crucial that the content of your site is relevant to Internet users.

It is also important to structure the content of its website. In reality, the content must be well prioritized with titles and subtitles as well as paragraphs. And more than that, this optimization takes into account the regular updating of the website.

These are all things that come into play to show search engines that the content of your website is relevant!

Optimizing your website’s external environment (links)

Optimizing your website’s external environment is a key criterion for being properly referenced on Google. It involves analysing the authority of your site’s domain by highlighting both the links coming out of your website as well as the external links pointing to your site. It is based on the number of sites that talk about yours, their popularity, and the nature of their content. Because popularity is a relevant indicator for search engines, optimizing your website’s external environment is an important aspect for a good SEO strategy.

The technical optimization of your website

A successful SEO strategy also requires the technical optimization of your website. Like the other steps of the SEO strategy, it must be in line with the criteria of search engines. The technical optimization of your website should take into account HTML, title tag, meta description, URLs, redirects, charset and much more. These technical variables need to be optimized based on the keywords previously defined.

Who to turn to for a good SEO strategy?

Given the importance of implementing an SEO strategy, it is imperative not to remain on the margins of the many benefits it offers. To do this, you simply have to adopt it. However, the SEO strategy is not feasible by all. It requires a lot of time, patience and above all specific knowledge about how search engines work.

There is an easy, effective and accessible solution for everyone. This is the option of an agency that specializes in applying an SEO strategy. Choosing a specialized agency to take care of the SEO strategy of its website means taking advantage of the high-end services of professionals in this field. They are seasoned to meet the challenges arising from such a strategy. They are informed of the fluctuations in the referencing criteria and know how to adapt their performance according to these variables. They have the best practices to significantly increase organic traffic on your website. These professionals know and are in possession of the appropriate tools such as those used in performance optimization to carry out their missions.