Keyword study

Natural referencing is the perfect way to attract qualified traffic to your site. The majority of Internet users trust organic results because of their objectivity. To do this, your domain must be among the headliners of the SERP. The more visible you are, the more you give yourself the means to make your business profitable. But you can’t win seats if your keywords aren’t well defined. With the help of a SEO referencing expert, you will be able to make this group of words effective.

Keywords to position yourself well

The secret to good natural referencing lies in defining keywords that perfectly sum up the needs of your prospects. This is what really allows you to bring back qualified traffic. Keyword study is about analyzing the user’s behavior. The need of your target clientele is expressed by specific queries in search engines. It is on the basis of these queries that Google, for example, offers the most appropriate sites. You may have an exceptional design on your site, without the most relevant keywords, but your site will only have a name. You need to bring quality content around these expressions to allow indexing robots to better rank you.

Keyword study: why hire a specialist?

With the evolution of technology, competition is becoming tougher on the web. The slightest loophole is exploited by the rival company to delight you the star. The war on positioning on SERP is no exception to this reality. It’s better to do things exactly as they should be to earn a good place on Google. Therefore, the use of an SEO professional for the choice of keywords of his site proves to be a smart decision. The SEO SEO specialist has the skills to get you out of strategic keywords. The first advantage of such an option therefore relates to the expertise of the BlackcatSEO agency. What is the long train, for example? It is not easy as the uninitiated to have a precise knowledge of this concept. Even by using the many tutorials available on the internet, you’ll have a hard time getting by. In addition, natural referencing techniques are not immutable. New tricks appear based on search engine requirements. Only a professional in the field will be able to be informed of Google news. Consultation with a specialist for keyword study is also a way to find more time to take care of your business. This allows you to focus more on the realities of your market. If it is true that it is necessary to use an SEO agency to define keywords that fit the need of your target clientele, it is still necessary to call on a highly recommended agency. This will prevent you from making an unnecessary investment. Because in the end, only the quality of the result obtained will justify your choice. As it is easy to establish a list of keywords, it is just as easy to dive into the ranking through this. The professional will help you identify brand keywords and non-brand keywords. This confusion leads many website administrators to advertise for free to the competition. So it’s a highly strategic choice that shouldn’t be left to anyone. Finally, you’re sure you can benefit from personalized advice in choosing the most sought-after keywords in your field of activity.

BlackcatSEO’s process for the study of keywords

For more than three years, we have been consulted on keywords. To achieve a good result, we propose a working method based on the standards recommended by SEO experts. We segment our research around 4 strategic axes. It is a choice that has so far really led to the optimization of the natural referencing of the more than 300 customers who have trusted us. What are they?

Define the market

To get the most searched keywords in your industry, you need to query the consumer habits of prospects. Search volumes can detect expressions that attract clicks from users.

Filter keywords

Each sector of activity has dedicated expressions on which Internet users position themselves most often. We take the time to conduct a competitive analysis of keywords in your domain. Keyword search volumes are a hint of expression selection to make you better known by your prospects. The principle is to clear the list until you reach the most relevant keywords. Keyword filtering allows users to quickly identify you among the competition.

Classify relevant keywords

BlackcatSEO offers a detailed plan to optimize your keywords. This house specialty will allow you to filter keywords through some categorization. There are expressions that come back in specific seasons. Others belong to the same semantic group. This downstream work will allow us to obtain a sifted list of the most relevant keywords.

Bespoke optimization plan

Following this clever selection of keywords, we provide you with an optimized list. Its implementation will be based on a new SEO referencing technique. It’s no longer a question of positioning all of your pages on keywords. For a quality natural referencing, we will work to position each of your pages on a specific need of your prospects. Each page has its own keyword. This practice will allow your site to rake wider. Your visibility will be further enhanced.

Trust BlackcatSEO to conduct your natural referencing

Our natural referencing agency offers tailor-made services. In terms of keyword studies, our optimization plan is immediately applicable. This is a testament to the relevant solutions it is full of. Thanks to our working methodology, you will get keywords corresponding to your specialty. The keywords we offer are competitive tools that will strengthen the authority of your site. Our team of web editors will arrange all these expressions in articles to improve the quality of your content. Trust the strategy we offer.

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