It’s often said: SEO is an art…

Blackcat SEO Inc. is proud to announce its continued participation in Les Grands Ballets de Montréal’s Young Governors’ Benefit Evening. Our commitment for the second year in a row underscores our dedication to Montreal’s artistic community.



A Leading Cultural Event


We greatly enjoyed last year’s evening, which was a resounding success, bringing together young professionals dedicated to supporting the arts in Montreal. The event raised an impressive $92,000, thanks to the generosity of participants and partners.



Gastronomic Celebration & Partnerships


What would a successful evening be without good food? Culinary partners, such as Benny & CO, Double Bite, Chocolata, and others, have played a crucial role in providing an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Their diverse contributions created a festive atmosphere and were essential to the success of the event.

The Virtual Auction: A Collaborative Triumph

That’s right! The virtual auction was a highlight, thanks to the generosity of partners such as Édika, Kanuk, Oléka, Hotels Germain, Specialized, Surmesur, Club Atwater, Les Studios GB, Vanessa Alarie, La TOHU, Chez Lionel, Groupe Marcelle/Watier and many others. Their support has helped raise additional funds for Les Grands Ballets, while providing unique experiences for participants.

A mesmerizing artistic performance

The evening was embellished by a private performance by Les Grands Ballets, demonstrating the impact of our support on the arts. This integration of art into the event strengthened the link between the participants and the mission of Les Grands Ballets.

A bright future in collaboration

At BlackcatSEO, we look forward to renewing our commitment this year. We invite the entire community to join us in supporting this noble cause and to continue to enrich Montreal’s cultural landscape.