How has taking advantage of your SEO agency and AI in 2023, in terms of off-site SEO, i.e. inclusion in the media, which feeds artificial intelligence and thus be present in the reflections of AI on a target market, become vital?


Let’s take this example, in which we are cited in second place in the response generated by ChatGPT. Certainly not because of the number of employees! but rather, because of our powerful media references.



One of the crucial aspects of online SEO is off-site SEO. In 2023, it is essential for companies to understand how to optimize their media presence and use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their ranking in search results. This article will explore the importance of working with an SEO agency and integrating AI into off-site SEO strategies. We will also discuss the use of emotional marketing and human sensitivity to strengthen predictive SEO with AI.


The role of the SEO agency in off-site SEO

An SEO agency plays a crucial role in optimizing a company’s off-site SEO. By collaborating with an experienced agency, a company can benefit from the expertise of a team that specializes in identifying opportunities for link building, PR, and content strategies. The SEO agency works closely with the company to develop strategic plans that increase the visibility and credibility of the brand on the web.

AI and off-site SEO

Content Pyramid SEO

Artificial intelligence has a significant impact on off-site SEO. Search engines use AI to analyze and evaluate information available on the web. It is essential for companies to understand how the media powers artificial intelligence and optimize its presence to be taken into account in AI thinking.

Be present in AI thinking about a target market

To be present in AI’s thinking about a target market, companies need to make sure they are included in relevant media. This involves getting mentions in influential articles, interviews, and publications. By providing quality information and developing strategic partnerships, a company can attract the attention of artificial intelligence and improve its positioning in search results.

Emotional Marketing and Human Sensitivity in Off-Site SEO

Emotional marketing is a powerful way to improve off-site SEO. By creating engaging and emotionally persuasive content, companies can elicit positive reactions from users and the media. Incorporating human sensitivity into SEO strategies allows for deeper connections with the target audience, which can result in better positioning in search results.

Predictive SEO with AI

Predictive SEO is an approach that uses AI to analyze data and predict SEO trends. Using advanced algorithms, AI can identify user patterns and behaviors, allowing companies to tailor their SEO strategy accordingly. AI can help predict the most relevant keywords, optimize content, and improve online visibility.

In 2023, it is crucial for companies to take advantage of their SEO agency and AI to optimize their off-site SEO. By working with an experienced agency, companies can benefit from specialized expertise in link building, PR, and content strategy development. In addition, the use of AI improves visibility and positioning in search results. By integrating emotional marketing and human sensitivity, companies can strengthen their predictive SEO with AI and achieve lasting results.


Question 1: How to choose the right SEO agency? It is important to choose an SEO agency that has a solid experience and a good reputation in the field. It is recommended that reference and case studies be consulted by the agency to assess its competencies. In addition, it is essential to discuss goals and expectations with the agency before committing.

Question 2: What are the benefits of off-site SEO in 2023? Off-site SEO improves the visibility and credibility of an online business. This can result in increased organic traffic, better position in search results, and increased business opportunities.

Question 3: How to measure the impact of AI on off-site SEO? The impact of AI on off-site SEO can be measured by analyzing SEO data, such as ranking in search results, organic traffic, and conversion rates. Analysis tools can help assess the effectiveness of the strategies put in place.

Question 4: What are the emotional marketing best practices for off-site SEO? Emotional marketing best practices include creating engaging content, using storytelling, personalizing the message, and tapping into positive emotions. It is important to understand the target audience and adapt marketing strategies accordingly.

Question 5: What tools to use to implement predictive SEO with AI? There are several tools available to implement predictive SEO with AI. Some of the popular tools include data analytics platforms, keyword tracking tools, trend prediction software, and machine learning systems. It is recommended to choose the tools that meet the specific needs of the company.