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Our agency specializes in acquiring organic, or natural, traffic through cross-market influence and technical optimizations.

The most commonly used term for organic/natural referencing is Search Engine Optimization or SEO and consists of long-term work on relevant and sought-after keywords related to your business, industry and business. Services.

SeO is a formidable weapon to enable a website to appear on the front pages of search engines, while positioning your business locally. Without an organic referencing strategy, your company will have a hard time making a place on the web in the face of its competition and will lack proximity to its target.

To improve your website’s SEO, your company’s visibility on search engines, and to gain more traffic, BlackCatSEO puts in place relevant strategies to position your business on the most suitable keywords. To do this, we use many techniques that have already proven their worth with our customers, including creating optimized SEO content, building high-impact backlinks, designing quotes, etc.

This long-term traffic, requiring in-depth knowledge of research engines and their specificities, provides sustainable and cost-effective results.

Strictly speaking, the e-commerce market for the past 10 years has hardly experienced the crisis. A record and stable double-digit growth rate, and more and more players to share traffic and a still reduced portion of the market. The strong attraction of the web economy in general has spread widely over the past several years, pushing more entrepreneurs, and businesses, to actively seek the most efficient ways to acquire skilled traffic.

The structuring of the e-commerce market took place with the installation of the famous giants: Amazon, Ebay, Cdiscount, and so many others – from the equipment market to the distribution market. Many ‘small’ and medium-sized traders, and Traders ask themselves the same question: how to get a part of a niche sector?

Many niche markets remain accessible to several players, more or less large. The condition to achieve this lies in the efficiency of the various levers to enable them to increase their visibility and thus acquire traffic.

  • The on-site SEO brings together a set of elements to be considered in its internal REFERencing strategy

  • To gain traffic efficiently, we develop a personalized approach to implementing the best solutions.

  • The speed and errors of your website have an impact on your internal REFERencing, we improve the performance of your site to get the desired results.

  • Prioritization, keyword search and organization of your site’s content are worked to make it work on search engines.

  • Robot.txt files, Sitemap and Webmaster tools are of the utmost importance so that your website is not penalized in search results.

  • By working on its internal referencing, your website will be more efficient and appreciated by search engines and Internet users.

  • We develop reliable metrics and tools for you to analyze the data and performance of your organic traffic

  • The organic referencing of your site is not only internal, link building plays a crucial role for your SEO.

  • Your company’s online reputation has an impact on its image and your potential customer base. We control your e-reputation with the best tools.

  • Link building allows your website to be more credible and reliable in google’s eyes, giving you a more optimal ranking.

  • When creating links, it is important to produce quality links, without duplicate content, on relevant platforms

  • We support you in creating relevant links that will have an impact on your organic referencing.

  • Social media is important to your company’s image and to interacting with your customers, while increasing traffic to your website.


Pay-per-Click (PPC) Campaigns – AdWords

The most qualified term for paid referencing is SearchEngine Advertisingor SEA, and will complement other, less expensive forms of referencing in the long run for generic keywords.

Many E-commerce sites that work in parallel design, optimization, content, and social networks, does not always have time to devote themselves to building backlinks, or return links, that allow to propel the site on search engines. These kinds of resource- and time-consuming practices can be complemented by paid SEO campaigns, which aim to display an advertising insert at the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo search results.

This immediate and fast traffic allows you to test your campaigns, auctions, landing pages, products and services, as well as make the first sales.


Social Networks – Social Media

The term most commonly used to refer to the work of developing a communication and the articulation of a corporate message within a social community, the SMO – or ‘social media optimization’.

The social community, so well developed, is a dreadfully effective way to generate traffic and sales in niche markets, even with a small community. We allow you to optimize your accounts, pages and social profiles, in order to attract customers and the most qualified traffic, to your site, from your shared content. Our services allow you to create your social profiles in perfect alignment with your SEO strategy. We set up the editorial calendar of posts, and any social strategy related to the referencing of your site, and we will look for different fans targeted by a set of natural and paid techniques.

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