profilesCreating social profiles for businesses is a methodical process is reflected, so as not to distort the image of. Consistency of information is vital, as well as formulating your social incentives, that summarizes the question : What are the benefits of joining your community?

We define with you, social performance indicators and targets to increase traffic and conversion. We establish a 'funnel' optimal basin between your online social activity, and sale, with 'call-to-action' innovative and thoughtful. Finally, we draw un chemin optimal discussion topics to the answer to a specific problem.

On every social segment, together we create profiles reflecting systematically :

  • The values ​​of positive reinforcement of the company
  • The community of happy customers
  • The team
  • Vectors inspiration
  • L’humour
  • Answers to common problems













A gradual change in the treatment of external signals by search engines has been underway since the PANDA series & PENGUIN, relatively parallel. The idea to cancel the effects of spamming techniques or other methods of manipulating the results of search engines has led to assign a greater value to social profiles, particularly those from Google , API which prevents such, automatic posts (as authorized twitter API).

Thus, an effective strategy for external deployment also involves the creation of natural and coherent social profiles, to attract other profiles, corresponding to real people, on the page of your services or your products, helping you assign additional authority.


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