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Put your website online is not enough to ensure its visibility online. You created on your own or using a developer, or team, and design and experience afforded you like. But you must also implement the methods it is found and seen on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing : This is the Web SEO.

SEO or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mixture of technical, which, worked in symbiosis, help you increase the visibility of your website on search engines to attract more qualified traffic.


What is & lsquo; natural web ranking’ ?

There are more and more companies offering services to improve optimally the "SEO for your website». If the web SEO is indeed important, must still good to know the contours. What is SEO web ? What interests there to give this a try ? Knowing the answers to these questions is essential before embarking.

Definition of web ranking

When you put up a website, it is for it to be consulted by a more or less important audience. It is therefore important that the website address is easy to find when someone searches. Web SEO is simply the set of tools and practices that will allow that a website can rank highly in the results of a search engine.

On distingue, however, several types of web ranking :
  • Natural SEO web ;
  • Paid search (also called "sponsored listing").

Distinguish between different types of web ranking

There are various SEO web categories.

Paid web ranking

As indicated by his name, paid search will require expenses to be made. Simply, this type of search engine optimization involves the purchase of advertising digital spaces that will allow what the site is gaining visibility on the web. These spaces can be banners or adwords campaigns.

Natural SEO web

On the side of SEO, it is a different story. Right here, no media buying, but just using effective techniques and tricks in order to increase the visibility of the website and its positioning in the results displayed by search engines.

Who SEO web should it be told ?

Several options are possible :
  • Entrusting referencing sound professional website ;
  • Choose to perform self-referencing its website ;
  • SEO entrust to a third party (for example : an employee).

Entrusting this task to professionals it is choosing quality. Indeed, these SEO professionals are often web agencies with the necessary skills to ensure optimal SEO web. Of course, this option includes a remuneration of the agency for their work. These professionals can also keep an eye on the progress of the site's visibility to react quickly when a problem has a negative impact on your site's visibility.

Ensuring one's own web ranking is it a good idea ?

In order to help ensure a good natural SEO web, it is possible, through research, to find on the net techniques and tricks. For example : one of those tricks is the insertion of one or more keywords in different places of a web page or an article. While it is true that this trick can help, it does not in itself guarantee the success of the SEO of a website. Indeed, other tools are necessary since SEO is also carried out at other levels. Unless you have available a web copywriter who masters the rules of SEO, it is better to entrust this task to professional agencies.

The web ranking it enough to provide better visibility ?

For the Web SEO is highly effective, other conditions need to be met. First, the content published on the site must be quality. This will encourage loyalty to target. Ensuite, we must try to communicate on the site's reputation, for example by being also present on social networks. This will also create a community around your site.

Website SEO Natural s & rsquo; opposes traditional marketing techniques of paid search engines, including PPC (Ad Words) placing a certain amount of money per click on certain keywords and groups of keywords. It is possible to artificially attract traffic and visitors to its website. Technical expensive and less effective as educate visitors to the lack of relevance of paid links, the organic or natural search engine optimization s & rsquo; is imposed on businesses and marketers as a reliable and robust solution & rsquo; attracting qualified leads without subsequent expenses.

Optimizing your site for SEO therefore simply means, clean every aspect (interne ou externe) its site :

Pay your SEO campaigns will decrease gradually, as your rankings for the same keywords will increase in the natural results of search engines. You will find an equivalent traffic and more qualified, without spending for it.


Long-term SEO web

The natural optimization operations necessarily involve your site improvement, online all point, your website. Natural SEO is now a solid web marketing, Clean Development, en bref : it only reflects a healthy business. More, filters prevent penalization, (as was previously possible) building 10000 incoming links in one day without getting thrown to the tank to sand.

We build, together, the steps to be taken towards you closer to your goals :

→ the first results page of search engines for your chosen keywords
→ a gradual increase your organic and natural traffic unrelated to your brand.
→ better conversions because of optimizing your pages
→ a substantial reduction, or total cost of your online advertising (Ad words)

Aim natural SEO !


It only remains to implement all the points explained in your SEO recommendations, and forward to your in-house team, important things to watch. Do not panic ! We adapt the technical jargon to all our stakeholders, so that you can implement as soon as possible,

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