Facebook Ads campaigns management

Facebook advertisinghas experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years. Taking advantage of this, many companies have been able to promote their products and / or services. But only, here, for two years, the visibility of Facebook pages has reduced quite a bit. A phenomenon that can be explained by several phenomena: increase in the use of other social networks by targets, modification of its algorithm by Facebook … To compensate for this reduction in the Facebook audience, agencies have several advantages. This is the case with BlackcatSeo, a specialized agency based in Montreal. Why should we trust these agencies? What are the strengths of BlackcatSeo?

The interests of an advertisement on Facebook

Still called “Facebook Ad“, the advertising carried out on Facebook is the action of companies wishing to be visible on this social network, which nevertheless has more than a billion and a half users (which represents a large audience not to neglect).

To be effective, this advertising must reach the various target targets and elicit a reaction in return (by obtaining “likes”, purchases or orders, redirects to the link of the official website of the company, etc. ). This advertising can even generate income for the company.

When you look more closely, it is clear that the targetsare varied because of different factors such as: age, gender, profession, geographic area, hobbies, etc. These different factors must be taken into account by the specialized agency, because it is not enough for a company to post an advertisement on Facebook to be sure that it will reach its various targets. And precisely, BlackcatSeo considers these factors in order to compose the right advertising message.

What are the objectives of Facebook advertising?

Before designing your Facebook ad, this question is the one that BlackcatSeo asks. En fonction de l’objectif poursuivi, une stratégie bien précise sera mise en place par l’agence.

These objectives are diverse. In this part, we will identify a few.

First, a Facebook ad can allow a business to increase its visibility through its posts (by increasing the number of its followers, for example). This requires the publication of quality content.

Second, a company that markets products can, through its Facebook advertising, get its targets to know its products better, first, and then, in a second, to push them to buy.

In the medium and long term, the main objective of Facebook ads is to increase the reputation of the company with its audience, while retaining their loyalty.

The various advantages of entrusting your Facebook advertising to a specialized agency

A specialized agency will not optimize your Facebook content for free. It is against this backdrop of economic cost that companies want to know if their advertising is having a real impact. Thus, collaborating with BlackcatSeo makes it possible to measure the real impact produced by Facebook Ads.The company can even ask the agency to monitor the data of this impact (in order to possibly be able to react if it is observed that the public interest decreases).

Sometimes having its Facebook ad run by experts can help the company understand a fact it previously didn’t have in mind. For example, it can help companies understand what is the most effective and appropriate marketing strategy in the context of a communication on Facebook.

For the communication operation to be successful, the targeting must be successful. Entrepreneurs who choose to take responsibility for targeting their advertisements themselves face two potential risks:

  • targeting too broadly;
  • target too narrowly.

In the first case, by aiming too broad, there is a risk of hitting targets which will not be interested in the communication. In the second case, the concern is that potentially sensitive targets are excluded from the message. In short, in both cases, the advertising message will not reach the appropriate targets. Entrusting your Facebook advertising to the agency BlackcatSeo avoids this kind of inconvenience. Indeed, to determine the target prospects as well as the core target, professionals base themselves on precise criteria.
The professional approach helps to avoid certain mistakes
Making a post on Facebook is within the reach of any individual. This ease may make it seem easy to post advertising content as well. This is even the reason why some companies have their advertising communications handled by their own “community manager”. Like any agency specializing in optimizing this type of content, BlackcatSeo can prevent your community manager from making certain mistakes.
The “budget” factor

Social media advertising campaigns come at a cost. Their management, too. This cost will vary depending on several parameters: the number of messages, the size of the target, etc. BlackcatSeo has a team of professionals who can best manage the budget allocated to your Facebook advertising campaign.

Adequate Facebook ad

A simple ad of a few sentences does not have the same impact as a text ad with one or more visuals. Likewise, a campaign often requires that the advertising messages be varied. Indeed, spreading the same message for months will tire the audience and push them to zapping. BlackcatSeo is equipped to vary the advertising formats of your campaign in order to optimize it and make it, therefore, more attractive.

Complementary link management

Managing a Facebook ad campaign well sometimes requires that targets be redirected to the company’s official website or other link. It is therefore important that these external links are not only operational, but that their content is optimized on a regular basis. At this level, it is much more appropriate to entrust these different tasks to a specialized agency.

In addition, these external links must be optimal on PC platforms, but also on mobiles and tablets.