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With updates of Google Panda has changed considerably its search algorithm to include the effect of social signals in the ranking of sites. Google gives more credit to its own social network Google , and gradually eliminates other competing social network effects in its search results.

Presence on Google has become indispensable for every webmaster and online business, which aims to increase its presence and visibility in the search results, healthy way.

We manage your social campaigns – Facebook, Google – to increase the commitment to your site, has the & rsquo; using sound engineering and validated.

Why your company should have a presence on social media?

Your customer is at the heart of your daily concerns and they are mostly found on social media. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat, social media are quickly becoming essential to improve the visibility of companies on the web, but also to improve the business-consumer relationships.

The social media marketing is a winning strategy for businesses that use social media wisely with practices adapted to their target. Indeed, using social media, vous pouvez :

  • Interact with your customers and get to know it better
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Increase your web visibility and traffic to your website
  • staying competitive

By building your online community, you favor word of mouth, but also the positive recommendations vis-à-vis your business. That is why it is important to give importance to the development and deployment of your social media strategy.

with BlackCatSEO, you get a social media strategy for your target and your business strategy, and an elaborate editorial calendar.

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