Programmatic advertising agency

Your young company has the ambition to expand, to mark its presence on the web and to explore a larger market. Today, even more where the most popular advertising trend is programmatic advertising, you will gain a lot from gettinging your programmatic campaigns. And that’s where we come in. At BLACKSEO, we know how to help companies define a digital campaign and implement it through programmatics among other strategies.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a digital marketing strategy that involves the purchase of advertising space on publisher sites. As advertisers, your ad or banner will be published on sites that have a customer database sufficiently provided to allow you to reach the desired leads,at the right time, in the desired area, etc. This advertising system is fully automated and takes into account real-time auctions or Real Time BIdding (RTB). It goes without saying that the advertising spaces sold on Google Ads and on social media such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, are all programmatic advertisements. The same is true of CPM (Cost per Mile) which are also the subject of auctions on Ads exchange advertising spaces. But who are the players in this market and by what mechanism is digital collaboration implemented?

The primary players in the programmatics

Without these two players in the programmatic advertising chain, this digital marketing service would be non-existent. The first actor is the space salesman. We call it editor. Sometimes it can be advertising boards. The second player in the market is the buyer. It is the latter who buys the inventories or auctions made available by the seller. Buyers are called advertisers because they are companies that buy advertising space to advertise or advertise ads or banner ads. Recently, advertisers have increasingly entrusted their programmatic campaigns to programmatic advertising agencies such as our Blackseo agency in Montreal. Let’s discover the mechanism used to connect the different actors.

Advertising exchange markets or Adsexchange

All programmatic advertisements must take through this automation system buying and selling advertising space in real time, otherwise this cannot be called so. Adsexchange is the platform on which the automation of the purchase takes place. The connection is therefore between the seller and the buyer of the space. But it is important to note that to access the Adsexchange, sellers use a space sales platform called SSP (Supply Side platform) while buyers use the DSP (Demand Side Plateform), a space-buying platform. It should be remembered that each actor (publishers and advertisers) defines the parameters of publications and the campaign budget on its host platform. Once the information is available at the Adsexchange level, the latter platform will automate purchases, placement and optimization of the media inventory. Auctions published in real time will be won by the highest bidders. Once the advertising space algorithm is chosen, the purchase of the advertising space is automatically concluded and made available to you. But, how to achieve the most leads, get a high conversion rate and get a good ROI.

The benefits of suring that your programmatic ads are optimized by an agency

It is best for you as a company to entrust the management of your campaigns to an agency specializing in programmatic advertising. This will allow you to devote this time to tasks of creating new products or services for the company. What do you actually gain from entrusting the management of your advertising banners to an agency?

The UX experience at the heart of agency strategies

Delegating the management of your advertising campaigns in general and your banner ads in particular to an agency specializing in programmatic advertising means choosing theefficiency and achievement of the objectives of conversion of prospects. Indeed, a digital marketing agency that manages your campaign puts the customer upstream and in the val of his digital strategy. Through a thorough analysis of the user experience, the agency will be able to determine the typical customer of your company to whom it will be necessary to direct your advertising banners. The agency will therefore have a perfect knowledge of the precise times when your customers compulsively make their purchases, the age range of consumers of your items or services, their genres, geographical area, socio-demographic history, browsing history, etc. It is on the basis of these preliminary investigations that the programmatic advertising campaign can be launched with specific targeting.

Efficient choice of advertiser and definition of clear and precise objectives

The web marketer is at the heart of your company’s digital strategy. However, this is the one that can accurately determine the publisher site that meets your editorial line and audience criteria. This will allow them to define the parameters of choice for a publisher site, namely: the audience of the site as well as its location, the geographical location of the site, the topics covered by the site, etc. based on the objectives that you have set and are required to achieve. The agency will be able to browse several Adsexchange in its quest for the publisher more suited to your ad.

For greater efficiency in the conduct of the programmatic advertising campaign, the specialized agency will have a contract free of objectives and results to achieve that can be broken by the company if our performance does not meet their expectations.

What does our agency offer you?

We are an agency specializing in programmatic advertising. In Montreal, we support companies of all sizes in setting up and conducting their advertising campaigns. We have a young and very dynamic team. For your Montreal banner advertising, we take care of the advertising of your banner ads on ad sites thanks to our dynamic and scalable trading desk.