Google Shopping Management

Less intrusive than other forms of advertising, Google Shopping, discreet and impactful, is Google’s advertising tool popular with millions of E.- merchants worldwide. To stand out from your competitors,get more traffic and make more sales, you will gain by finally launching your Google shopping campaign. At Blackcatseo agency Montreal, we offer you a seasoned team that will constantly boost your sales thanks to a well-defined Google Shopping strategy and an optimized creation of product flows.

What is Google Shopping?

Google also has its directory dedicated exclusively to commercial or e-commerce sites. This directory is Google shopping. For consumers, it is an excellent price comparison that allows them to discover all the products on sale, to choose the ones that interest them, to compare the prices of all sellers offering the price and to choose the lowest bidder. It’s a great service. But how to appear in the first results of this e-shop product directory? E-retailers are scrambling to make SM to position themselves in this shop window that has a foothold on the street.

The prerequisites before launching a Google Shopping agency

You must first determine the threshold of competitiveness of the product you have decided to market in your online store. If many shops have positioned themselves on the same product, it becomes undeniable that you have an obligation to set up your Merchant Center account. You’d miss out on huge incomes if you didn’t. These revenues will simply be taken out by your competitors on Google’s directory. You also need to take stock of your catalogue of products for sale and your budget and define it accordingly.

Start by linking your merchant account to AdWords

Google shopping is available to e-retailers only after creating a merchant account. By linking it to your Google AdWords account, Google recognizes you through your AdWords ID. In your Merchant Center account, your referenced product feeds that are detailed files of your product information (commercial description, photo of the item for sale, product price, seller’s name) are listed in the Google Shopping directory. What is important here is to ensure that the information in these files is updated. That’s why it’s important to trust an agency that specializes in creating and deploying Google Shopping campaigns. In Montreal, we have at Blackcatseo the expertise to accompany you and guide you in each of your steps.

What are the benefits of a Google Shopping campaign?

Campaigns give your e-commerce store better visibility. If the campaign is well executed, the Google Shopping banner that should be your ultimate goal will display many of your products for sale. You will gain more traffic, leads and therefore several prospects and therefore potential buyers. A good description of product flows will meet the expectations of potential customers. Conducting such a campaign with Google Shopping is much more simplified and allows you to make a lot of sales and multiply your turnover by a thousand.

Why do you want to be accompanied in your Google Shopping campaign?

It may be easy to create a Merchant Center account, but managing Google Shopping requires specific skills. It is therefore important to use the services of an agency to maximize your chances of positioning in Google’s SERP. At blackcatseo, we have specialists in seo-automated-link-building and product flow management. Google Shopping experts can help you sort out potential products and select those that are relevant and likely to get more sales. The support of experts also requires a more optimized management of your budget,your catalog and your ads. Your expenses are scrutinized by our experts who can reduce your loss of money.

From updating your product catalog on Google AdWords to making sales a real deal, there’s a whole process. Be aware that Google Shopping only charges you when you get clicks on your ad campaign. Our experts will make the necessary settings to define for example the cost per thousand clicks (CPM). They know better than anyone the ideal budget that must be put in place to achieve excellent sales results. Regular reporting of the various approaches carried out, the results obtained will be made to the E-trader to allow it to measure the effectiveness of the strategy put in place. This reporting is possible thanks to the implementation of tracking tags. Experts also manage and track your Google campaigns. Everything is done to ensure that your ROI is proportionate and profitable.

Blackcatseo takes care of your Google Shopping campaign

Our company Blackcatseo supports digital companies and e-commerce stores in the process of managing and optimizing Google campaigns. We can intervene on your shop all over Europe, the United States, etc. If you’re struggling to make the most of your investments in your store, now’s the time to call on our experts to conduct a campaign audit of your Google AdWords account. Our customer service is very responsive and will be available at your side from the design phase of the campaign to its implementation. At Blackseo, we makeoptimizing google shopping flow our priority. Clicks generally count for little in our Google campaigns. Our policy is primarily aimed at increasing your sales and increasing your turnover.