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In dealing with SEO BlackCat , the launch of your website is sufficient to ensure its visibility on the internet, for each computer, tablet, ou mobile. We create optimized websites for humans and robots !

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An estimated 1,4 billion the number of websites in the world 2018. However, many Canadian entrepreneurs are still reluctant to adopt a website given cost constraints. In this article, we will explain in detail the importance of a website and the various types of websites.

To create a Web site : Why is it so important?

Some will undoubtedly than traditional advertising media like TV, newspapers and radio are quite effective. More, that many ignore, is that these resources have a significant cost and are not really news. In other words, people spend more time surfing the Internet than reading newspapers, or in front of their television post. The Internet is now the cheapest way to reach the largest number of prospects to become customers for your business in Montreal. A good website with a good strategy for promoting and constantly monitored by professionals is the most effective marketing tool of modern times.

To create a Web site : How much to spend?

When compared to other means of advertising, a website does not cost much. It offers good value for money that you can also see by the number of visits. You'll no doubt very attractive offers on the Net, but know that a good business website has its cost. However, the cost varies depending on the designer (an independent contractor or Web Agency), but especially the type of site you want to conceive.

Website design showcase or Blog : What cost?

  • The blog

The blog is probably one of the types of the most popular websites. It allows businesses the regular publication of articles relating to their activities. Its design is more or less simple and does not require a big budget that strategies SEO associated can be powerful.

  • Domain Name (adresse .com .ca .fr .net .org, etc.)logo_html5
  • Efficient accommodation
  • Site web complet
  • Personalized email
  • Delivery in less than 7 days
  • Test within 48 hours
  • SEO (ranking in google)
  • Portail cms (allows you to easily edit your website yourself!)
  • Html5 css3
  • Responsive design that adapts to tablets and mobile.

Web Design with Magento

When one holds a trade, create an e-commerce site is a real opportunity to sell more products to a larger customer base, and this without any geographical boundary. When one wants to sell products online, it is important to use a suitable CMS that will showcase all your products. For it, BlackCatSEO designing and developing your e-commerce site with Magento CMS. Avec Magento, you get the following benefits :

  • Magento is extensible and flexible : You can easily add thousands of products, manage many of your sales and customize your design
  • Magento is multilingual : You can expand your business to sell your products abroad
  • Magento reference your products and your site : You can achieve significant results on the search engines with a good strategy organic SEO

Web Design with WordPress

Designing a website with WordPress CMS brings benefits. Being the most used CMS in the world, WordPress is popular with small and medium enterprises. Indeed, WordPress CMS provides you with the following benefits for your website :

  • WordPress reduces your costs : You enjoy a free open source CMS that allows you to use many useful extensions to customize the design and functionality of your site
  • WordPress is easy to use : You can easily change your WordPress site, because it is a very intuitive CMS
  • WordPress est SEO friendly : You can get good results on search engines with the WordPress CMS when you work your SEO.

Site e-commerce : a cost up to web design.

This is not to scare you, but e-commerce website will cost a little more expensive than other types of websites. It will cost you about 10 000 CAD for design. But OK! After all, it gives you a lot more money than others. It allows you to offer your customers a product catalog.

Website creation : What technologies?

There are generally three technologies conception Web. The first is to do natively with web programming languages ​​such as HTML and C. This technology is very difficult and tends to give way to the CMS.

  • the CMS : the most popular technology website creation.

The Content Management Systems (SGC) ou Content Management System(CMS) English is the most widely used in conception Web. WordPress, the most popular CMS, is used to design 20 % Websites in the world. It is indeed very easy to use and provides a set of themes and plug-in customization.

  • Responsive Design : Web design technology that fits your site visitor

The latest technology is to dynamically adapt your website to the resolution of the device used by the user : is the Responsive Design. Indeed, most of the web browsing is done today on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and not exclusively on computer.

Which quality criteria must be based web design?

To get a quality site, the conception Web must meet a number of criteria. This makes your website not only attractive to visitors, but also more visible to search engines like Google.
  • ergonomics : the website should easily interact with visitors. It must be both readable, fast and compact for him.
  • Performance : Performance is a major criterion in the conception Web. A successful website, this is a site that loads quickly and interacts with the visitor.
  • SEO : it is by far the most important criterion in to create a Web site. It is the only that makes it visible and in a good position in the results of search engines.

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