Creation online shop

If your goal is to make it easier to market your products and services on the internet, there’s nothing better than an online store. More and more consumers are buying through an e-commerce site. Having an online store for your business willonlyincrease your turnover and expand your customer base. Our agency offers its services for a perfect accompaniment and result.

What is an online store?

Also called e-commerce, an online shop is a website dedicated to the marketing of products and services. It is all the more convenient because visitors to the site can review the product and order from their mobile, without moving and without wasting time. This type of site is primarily used to give your business more visibility while building a channel of transactions.

Creating online shops: what are the business opportunities?

Before starting an online store, most companies had communication difficulties on issues such as:

  • adapting their offer to the expectations of their consumers’ time;
  • Increasing the visibility of their offerings to qualified prospects;
  • The ongoing engagement of transactions by potential customers;
  • facilitating the taking of customers for increased sales figures.

Our web-building and natural referencing naturel experts will help you give visibility to your offerings to your potential customers. An online store then becomes an excellent marketing channel for your business. Through a careful study of your offers and the target you aim for, our team will set up the right platform for your transactions. Business processes are simplified, which adds credibility to your business.

Transforming your e-commerce site into a continuous source of revenue

In order to give your online store all the right features, our specialists have put in place a well-defined method. Here are the main points:

The keyword and tree strategy

At this stage, we will analyze the most common keywords used by all of your customers on search engines. This will give your store more visibility when they start a search. We will then define a tree, which is a hierarchical structure of data in directories and sub-repertory, for structuring your online store’s data. This will give the customer a global view of your site. This will be done in a way that will benefit your customers’ purchasing process.

The choice of the CMS

Defined as the Content Management System, CMS is a content management system. It allows you to manage, create and publish the content of your online store. Every aspect counts in the choice of such a system. Our experts will consider several characteristics such as the management of your customers and the frequency of life of your offers. This will allow our team to set up a reliable host that will give your online store the capabilities to achieve your sales goals.

The selection of the theme

Through a study based on how your customers behave online, our analysts will determine the theme in line with the needs and expectations of your customers. It must correspond to the image of your brand that you wish to convey. So we take great care to choose it.


During this step, static and product pages are integrated into the site. As a prelude to this, the role of each page is established by our experts. The static pages therefore correspond to those that will be presented in the same way to each visitor. As for the product pages, they will be presented to the visitor based on variable data such as the time and IP of the user’s computer. The appropriate offer is thus presented to the visitor.

Natural REFERencing (SEO)

This process optimizes each page of your online store to meet the criteria of the algorithms defining its visibility rate. Because customers are limited to the very first results of their searches, a larger and more sustainable flow will converge on your site.

The results of this method

Thanks to the know-how of our experts, we guarantee you an online shop that perfectly meets your needs. With our web designers, you will be treated to a personalized and attractive design that will encourage visitors to buy. With the work of our web developers, your website will be safe and reliable,adding further credibility to your business. Your store will offer simplified navigation that fits any mobile and will display web content optimized by our editors. All this will help to increase the customer base and therefore the turnover.

Why entrust us with the creation of your online store?

You have several advantages to use our agency to create your online shop. Our experts are equipped to design your e-commerce site using an effective method, established by web design specialists. Of course, as usual, transparency is at the rendezvous. We will involve you in the work by informing you of every step of the way. In addition, all final decisions will be in agreement with yours. The most important thing, of course, is listening to your needs, since your online store must be able to meet your expectations. You won’t have to worry about managing your e-commerce site. Our team is available to accompany you by answering your concerns and giving you the best advice.

With the commercial world becoming increasingly competitive, an online store is an essential asset. The multiplicity of benefits that our agency offers is the guarantee that you can trust us. No time to waste since the development of your business via the internet will be optimized.