If you are wondering about the usefulness of a blog either for you or for your business, rest assured that this article will give you the necessary reasons. Better yet, you’ll learn more about creating blogs in Montreal.

The creation of blogs is an effective means of expression to be able to maintain contact with Internet users. The goals of creating a blog are multiple. With the blog, you have an easy way to share your articles based on text, videos or photo version.

Create a blog to build a relationship of trust

When you decide to create a blog for your business or for yourself, it allows you to capture an audience through the creation of articles and posts more frequently than on a website. There’s nothing more interesting, because search engines appreciate up-to-date content. Keeping a blog, however, is interesting in terms of SEO.

Creating a blog is proving to be a simple and effective wayto build a relationship of trust between you and Internet users. It’s also a way to develop your own self-confidence. With the experience you gain in writing articles, you are able to help others. In addition, your own experiences that you share on your blog can serve others by increasing their self-esteem and inspiring them. Keeping a blog is above all a form of personal development.

For professionals, the blog allows you to think about the added value you can bring to your business. It’s also a channel through which you think about how you will meet your target’s needs.

By listening to your customers, you significantly increase your sales, because you take into account their needs to provide appropriate solutions.

Create a blog to get organized

The blog is not limited to writing text. This requires technical concepts such as community management. It therefore takes a master’s degree to know how to combine these different activities. Over time, you’ll find productivity tips that work for you and this could be useful for you in other areas.

In addition, the blog allows you to evolve your perspectives. With your blog, you have the opportunity to discover other horizons. This enriches your own approach. It is also a way to develop concrete skills. The skills you develop will be transposable in your daily life. It’s not just writing, social networks or referencing techniques.

Form a network and gain visibility

You can’t keep a blog by being out of a network. The people you meet in virtual encounters bring you a lot. They can quickly become your future customer thanks to the conversion of new customers.

For entrepreneurs who sell products or services on a website, the blog has many advantages for online visibility. Through your publications, you bring search engines back to a high frequency. This allows you to establish credibility online. These publications are likely to be referenced and will provide you with qualified traffic to increase your revenue.

How to create a blog: Choose your blogging solution

To create your blog, you have at your disposal several solutions. Depending on your context, budget, opportunities and capabilities, you will make your choice.

With a tool like WordPress for example, you can save your budget and have some autonomy of action in updating and evolving the blog. Apart from WordPress, you also have custom solutions.

The benefits of WORDPress CMS

The WordPress is:

  • Modulable;
  • Practical;
  • Easy to install;
  • Easily customizable;
  • Good value for money.

However, updating this CMS can be difficult and the evolution of plug-ins is not always maintained.

The benefits of the bespoke solution

The bespoke solution offers benefits such as:

  • Very large modularity;
  • Perfect integration in the image of your business;
  • Creating features that can make a difference in user experience and customer conversion.

On the other hand, costs and delays can be drawbacks.

There are hosted solutions that are completely free and have immediate availability. However, you will notice advertisements and the evolution as well as the installation of plug-in is unlikely.

Set your goals and audience

Setting goals is essential in creating the blog. This can include creating mailing lists, increasing the creation of premium accounts,raising awareness,etc.

As for theaudience,its identification is an important step in the creation of the blog. The audience helps you properly target your messages, your content and define your editorial line.

The target of your blog lets you know who your products are for. A good identification of the target will allow you to understand his habits, his typical day, his interests and his needs.

Set the editorial charter

After identifying the objectives and the target, you can create your editorial charter.

To do this, start looking for ideas for topics or articles that might be of interest to your targets. For companies, the topics discussed on the blog should be related to your activities.

How do I find content ideas?

You have to:

  • Identify your targets’ issues
  • Go to the vigil to inspire you;
  • Consider comments in customer reviews
  • Look for popular content from themes or on your competitors.

Now that your editorial charter and team are in place, you’ll need to move on to creating quality content for your blog.

Creating content goes through several steps such as: searching, creating plans, writing, optimizing for SEO and layout.

You have the option to outsource certain tasks with a specialized agency in Montreal. So you focus on your strengths.