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The benefits of WordPress sites

Accessible to individuals, small businesses and large businesses alike, CMS WordPress is appreciated for its ease of use and for its many options available. On top of that, WordPress lets you:

  • Perform well on search engines, because WordPress is “SEO friendly”
  • Reduce your costs because it’s a free, open source CMS
  • Easily modify and optimize your website thanks to its ease of use and its frequent new features
  • Adapt your website to all media (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.)
  • Use endless designs to customize your website

In addition to providing you with excellent design, technical and search engine results, CMS WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging and writing articles regularly. Blogs are a real added value to boost your organic referencing.

BlackCatSEO takes care of the complete design of your WordPress site and works on its long-term referencing so that it can come out in the best positions on search engines. BlackCatSEO uses WordPress’s most optimal features to meet your company’s web needs.

Design and boosting your WordPress site

WordPress is a web-language software, specifically ‘Content Management System’ or CMS, used to create a website or blog in a simple and effective way. We can say of WordPress that it is as free as it is ‘priceless’, as it allows small and medium-sized enterprises to find a place, sometimes difficult to obtain, in the online market, and to facilitate its referencing on search engines.

With the help of different Plugins, or extensions, creating sites or an online sales platform becomes easy. Similarly, any form of further development on this basis is made possible, greatly facilitating the possibilities in organic referencing. How can BlackCat SEO help you?

Creating E-commerce sites

By using professional plugins for e-commerce, such as Woo Commerce, our team of experts is able to design a professional quality online sales site in a short time. The benefits?

  • Your site is pre-configured and already optimized to be dominant on search engines
  • You get an intuitive CMS, with no special code knowledge required
  • Your products are uploaded instantly, and orders are credited to your account

WordPress site referencing

Many WordPress users try to refer their new platform by relying solely on adding extensions for SEO. What’s the problem?

If some of these extensions are useful for ordering the definition of content in-house, and generating a sitemap for Google, none of them will provide you with the ability to find your semantic fields, or to proceed with authority building, or Backlinks. All the real work internally and externally remains to be done, this is where we intervene:

  • Integration, correction and optimization in code by our WordPress SEO experts
  • Deploying your content to best practices for your CMS
  • Building external authority
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