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Blackcat SEO is also involved in the referencing of Small and medium-sized enterprises that want to attack the renovation market, and take more organic places on search engines, including Google.

Several clients have commissioned us to obtain better positions on keywords related to their market, such as ‘roofing’ Montreal’ or ‘renovation Montreal’.

In addition to using more leads and traffic directly after the start of the REFERencing work, our customers have noticed an increase in the conversion rate on the site.


  • Roofing and roof repair in Montreal
  • Asbestos asbestos removal and removal
  • Insulation work
  • Renovations and home works in Quebec
  • Plumbing, glaziers, windows, kitchen

Work done:

  • Outreach of blogs specializing in roofing and renovations
  • Media and influence publications
  • Full analysis of the site and keyword opportunities.



A significant gain was observed on all optimized sites:

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