The multiple advances in technology have made it possible to develop many research tools. This is the case of Google LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). It is a search engine designed not only to optimize searches, but also to facilitate them. Very fluid, it is equipped with the necessary technology to make searches as optimal as possible. Discover through this article this reference technology in voice search.

What is Google LaMDA?

The MDA is a system that relates to the study or census of techniques, machines or tools. In a technical language, it is the development of a set of linguistic signs, which constitute the language, thus allowing communication and the expression of thought. Google LaMDA is a set of elements, related concepts, organized that gives machines the opportunity to easily dialogue with those who use them.

Google LaMDA is a means of communication between a machine and its users. Created and perfected to discuss on all topics and in any sector, it easily grasps the meaning and way of expressing oneself of humans and therefore can naturally answer all kinds of questions. Google LaMDA is based on a device that changes the shape, intensity, voltage of the electrical energy it receives.

It is programmed to perform a perfect reading of words and to predict words likely to follow each other. Google LaMDA is a specialized server that allows access to resources (pages, sites, etc.) on the web from keywords. He is one of the best. Voice search on the rise! Have you optimized for voice?

What differentiates LaMDA from sculpins?

Sculpin is computer programming automating repetitive tasks. Put in step with pre-coded conversations, chabots are not equipped with artificial intelligence advanced enough to hold a reasonable discussion. If you ask a conventional bot about topics that are not specifically related to its exercise framework, you usually receive as follows: we are not available to answer your concern. Do you want to get in touch with a professional from our web agency ?

It is precisely to overcome the limits of the sculpin that the Model for Dialogue Applications Language was created. It strengthens the technology behind sculpins by allowing them to be more efficient. Strengthening the Sculpin’s communication capacity therefore becomes the main objective of Google LaMDA.

It thus equips the sculpin with a more advanced artificial intelligence . That of holding a human conversation with the Internet user regardless of the subject on which he will be questioned. It should be noted that Google LaMDA is a great innovation to explore in order to boost your SEO strategy in 2022.

To integrate this trend into your SEO strategy, it is important to focus much more on voice search. Web agencies should think about setting up an FAQ page for their strategy. However, it will be easy to seek to know the expectations of users in order to propose effective answers to their various concerns through the contents of the site.

On the other hand, specifically mobile versions of websites would be welcome, as most internet users who do voice searches are essentially phone or tablet users. A mobile version is therefore a significant asset especially in the SEO process.

How to prepare for the arrival of Google LaMDA?

It is not because it is only an idea, a project that we think we will realize, that we can prevent ourselves from representing it in the mind. It would therefore be wise to think about his communication skills among the various services such as Google Workspace or Google Assistant and many others. You have to think about making your content better with the rapid development that this system is experiencing. Here are some tips that can help you get ready for it.

Make sure your content is relevant to voice search. The way you express yourself, either in relation to the words you use or in relation to the meaning. Language must be spoken or expressed orally, which differs from specific words that follow one another.

Develop your answers in such a way that they are quickly seen so that the link between the request expressed with precision by the one who uses it and your contribution of solution is quickly perceived by Google. This will make your answers immediately visible to all users who have asked questions related to your answers.

Don’t forget to recommend to your group of workers attached to theweb agency to perform operations to verify the real properties of your content from the mobile phone voice search, devices intended to produce sounds from an electrical signal and a software-integrated help program, which guides the user in the performance of certain tasks.