The war began more than 2 months ago in Ukraine, on February 24 Putin crossed the border trying to seize the country. After a few days, governments around the world understood that this war was different, that it would be computerized.

In mid-February, the Beaulieu Canada company in acton vale had to close its doors for several days following a hack, almost 200 people could not go to work. This company, known in Canada for selling carpets, floor coverings and the like, is the largest supplier in all of Canada’s North. The hack was eventually settled by cybersecurity experts.


What methods do hackers use?


Hackers have several methods, for example one of the viruses that has already appeared during this war is able to erase data on a computer, which can affect unforeseen targets, because it moves in cyberspace without really having control or traceability.

The computer viruses that have been developing for several years suggest that a new “genre” could be invented and do great damage. However, for the moment only “harmless” attacks are to be declared. Some computer worms can go so far as to affect the nuclear program, as has already been observed before in several other wars. Nevertheless, it is on the economic and corporate level that most attacks are to be feared.


Leaks, Ddos, Viruses, and ransomware

The objectives of these hackers are multiple and depend on the attacks, they can serve to discover important information, codes, essential data, to take offline sites (Denial of Service, or ‘Ddos’), or to decode important communications and succeed in disadvantage the enemy by controlling or sabotaging different valuable resources.

Hackers use a known means which is ransomware, which consists of blocking access to the company’s data and only returning it if it hands over a certain amount of money. They may also threaten to reveal the data they have hacked. It has been seen that their appearances have increased since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. More and more companies will fall victim to it.

If hackers manage to hack, they can stop a company’s traffic for several days, sometimes weeks. This is why large companies are often targeted, such as Hydro Québec. This company has decided to strengthen its measures to prevent piracy. Hackers target companies that are essential for the country as well as for citizens in order to have an impact on morale. If Hydro Québec were hacked, for example, the consequences would be enormous for the population.


Protect yourself well – not you, and by others.

Owning or running a business can be stressful at this time, securing your business and data seems essential to be serene.

  • Updates, already. Forgetting to do them could allow viruses to install there such as computer worms, because in some cases updates make it possible to reinforce the flaws in the service. To find out everything that can be put in place you can get closer to a cybersecurity expert who will give you valuable advice, such as:
  • Adoption of good practices
  • Integration of security measures
  • Ensure good human and technical cohesion with external service providers
  • Support in the implementation of strategic security measures


Consult Experts.


Beyond what is personally controllable by good practices, there are technical and human flaws that require the use of recognized experts to recognize, analyze and patch them. Especially:

  • After a good check of your servers we can test your resistance to cyberattacks what better than to test them using certain software this is possible, so you can quickly know if your company resists hacks.
  • Having a Digital Investigation carried out that adapts to each company, it can start with analyses of hard drives from a colleague or build an entire file with data collection, digital evidence.
  • Remain vigilant and be regularly trained on all the details that seem unusual to you, contact a team of experienced cybersecurity experts if you are facing any of these challenges

Cyber warfare has already begun and will continue, it has no borders, all countries are involved. The speed of movement of cyber attacks is almost limitless. It involves everyone, citizens, business, government. Contact our cybersecurity experts for an audit and discussion on your corporate and information issues.