Congratulations to the students of École Marie-Rivier of the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) in Kingston and their teacher Nasser Smaili for winning the Grand Prize of the 1st
ICTC-CTIC CyberTitan competition, end of March 2023

ICTC-CTIC’s CyberTitan competition has allowed more than 5,000 students across Canada to explore careers in cybersecurity in a fun and challenging way. The winners, or winners, participate in the final in the United States.

We thank Marc Lijour for inviting me to participate in the panel, since it takes an entire village to educate a young person. My meeting today with the beautiful team of teachers under the direction of Principal Sylvie Mekoulou and Superintendent Danielle Chatelain only confirms this.

The BlackcatSEO team joins ICTC-CTIC in thanking the Ontario Ministry of Francophone Affairs for the generous grant that made this event possible. Among the panelists Mirka Snyder Caron, Antonin Pasquereau and Philippe Landry who came to share their professional experience with the students. Not to mention, of course, the ICTC team, including Sheena Bolton who leads CyberTitan, Marina Ceclan who led the field operations, and Mélissa Gutiérrez, LL.M . who leads our services to Francophones and other minorities.

We are very pleased to contribute to the quality of French-language education and to the success of our young people in a highly digital future. See you next year, aiming ever higher and harder!