The criteria for positioning sites on search engines, Google in particular, are becoming more and more demanding. To hope to be among the best of Google’s algorithm, it will not only be necessary to take into account mobile friendliness, HTTPS security and the absence of intrusive interstitials, but also to rely on the latest updates of Core Web Vitals. They are essentially metrics put in place to solidify the user experience and vehemently judge the performance of websites. Online media must now sift through these different signals before they can rise to the forefront. Discover in this article the details on this Google SEO criterion.

What is Core Web Vitals?

These are indicators that seek to determine the overall evaluated, or even quantified, potential of a site. They make it possible to assess the capabilities to effectively fulfill the mission for which a site is created. These evaluation actions include:

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint): also called visual load, it is an instrument of the metric system that makes it possible to evaluate the loading time of the element contained in a website. In a window, the Largest Contentful Paint is the easy-to-see element;
  • CLS (Cumulative Lay-out Shift) also called visual stability, it gives the possibility to evaluate how to make stable the layout and the way of movement of the elements;
  • FID (First imput Delay) or interactivity which means the ability to interact or have access to information, is a metric that is used to evaluate the time that a user of the Internet can take to activate with a web page.

The representation of the information in the conventional form intended to facilitate the processing of the Core Web Vitals of your website is in the division <<Improvements >> in your Google Search Console account.

If you plan to see your site among the best, use a web agency. It will help you to focus on the three types of metrics stated. The tools each have a specific way to indicate or to represent agreed signs.

How do I know if my site is “good”?

To be sure of the effectiveness of your website, you should think about examining the metrics of your site to know if your pages are URLs that are good, or URLs to optimize or average URLs. To perform such a review, you can use the Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console.
There are also other tools that can help you review your pages to get an idea of which ones need improvement. These tools include:

  • Vitals Web Extension: to evaluate Core Web Vitals metrics;
  • Speed Insights page: to identify speed challenges;
  • Chrome Dev Tools and Lighthouse: to determine and test updates;
  • Chrome UX report: personal presentations of the potential of your site.

These different tools are specific. Thanks to these, you can audit the pages of your website.


Are Core Web Vitals important for my SEO in 2022?

While Core Web Vitals aren’t the only factors Google relies on to rank, they aren’t the least. Indeed, the user experience is also essential to be well positioned in Google searches. This is why core Web Vitals were created. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by making it solid, efficient and as fast as possible to load the pages of your website.

Moreover, the recent studies made public by Google prove the merits of the optimization of this SEO tool. Through these studies, we notice a clear improvement in the turnover of the various sites and pages that make correct use of it. We have spotted a few sites that have enjoyed the configuration of this SEO tool:

  • Zalondo: When he achieved a reduction of about 100 ms in the loading time of the site’s pages, a real increase was clearly noticed on his figures. That’s an increase of +07 percent in revenue in one session;
  • Vodafone, on the other hand, made a 31 percent decrease in the LCP , which automatically led to an increase in sales estimated at a value of 8 percent higher during the average duration of the sessions;
  • Tokopedia: There is also an increase of up to 23 per cent for a reduction in the LCP rate to 55 per cent. This increase is nothing more than the result of an average duration of sessions.

It is therefore wise to improve the user experience through the optimization of Core Web Vitals to hope to find yourself in the first results of Google in order to royally value your figures.