Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of SEO and search engines. Without artificial intelligence, Google would not exist. It is the foundation on which algorithms and other search engine tools are based. It ensures better answers and makes life easier for web content writers. Without AI, SEO would be almost impossible, search intentions will simply be misinterpreted. So what is the relationship between AI and SEO?

What is artificial intelligence in SEO

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to do enough things in SEO. First, it is the primary instrument on which algorithms and indirectly search engines are based. It is a set of programs of computer origin designed to act like man: to think like him and more than him. It is a system that manages a multitude of information in order to make your experience on the net enjoyable.

Thanks to its advanced system, it can process and analyze all types of requests in order to present you with an answer. This answer depends on the quality of the algorithm developed according to this artificial intelligence. Thus, AI can give you a better position of your content on the net. However, everything will depend on the power that the designer has given it.

Because of this, not all AIs can give you the same SEO experience. It is for this reason that Google makes every effort to design algorithms based on advanced artificial intelligence. This is probably why it is the best search engine.

Areas impacted by the use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used to optimize searches. Thus, they act in two points, including:

Research intent

They have long been used to better understand research intentions. In order to give Internet users relevant and very appropriate results some algorithms are used. Remember that these algorithms work under the basis of artificial intelligences, including BERT, MUM, etc. With MUM, Google pushes its ability to meet exactly the needs of Internet users. MUM is full of artificial intelligence, which explains its great performance.

It is impressive to note that this algorithm designs languages itself. It’s no longer just about understanding your search language. Artificial intelligences are so powerful that MUM is able to predict exact search intentions.

You now have a wide choice of format types in which you can formulate your queries. The artificial intelligence under MUM control includes images, videos, audios. The search intent is thus managed quickly and efficiently giving you a relevant answer.

Content creation

Artificial intelligence is also used to design quality content. Thus, it is inspired by the form, content and style of the most successful content. Artificial intelligence generates similar content in order to give you success and good SEO. There is another way to use artificial intelligence for content creation. It consists of simply looking for the keywords that have allowed a content to be well referenced, and then to reproduce them. This reproduction will highlight the same keywords and thus the content will be well referenced.

A third way to use artificial intelligence is to process content that is successful in terms of natural language. Once the language is known, artificial intelligence understands the content. Then, just use that understanding to create other similar content.

There is an artificial intelligence that strongly helps writers in their work. This is GPT3. It allows content creation even without human intervention. It is an important, effective and revolutionary tool with many advantages.

Benefits of artificial intelligence

The first advantage of using artificial intelligence in SEO is that it allows you great productivity. GPT3 is able to write optimized and faultless text in record time. It can turn raw ideas and notes into content. This saves writers time and productivity. The relevance of the texts is at the rendezvous and the referencing of the written content is ideal.

Thus, artificial intelligences help give your audience what they need. It satisfies your audience and optimizes your website. He understands the criteria for good writing and integrates them quickly and efficiently.

Artificial intelligence makes content relevant and always uses new concepts to make content unique. In addition to texts, they can also optimize your images and videos. By doing so, artificial intelligence gives you a good place among the search results.

With artificial intelligence, you have more time. Thus, your website is always visible and you are exempt from traffic fluctuations.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to write your content is good and effective. However, it does run into a problem. Thus, if you let artificial intelligences write for you, your texts may lose relevance. Your texts will simply lose points in SEO.

Another point is that artificial intelligence is frozen. It only uses what its creator has implanted in it. Of course, she learns day by day through her experiences, however she is incapable of inventiveness. It can suffer attacks or virus infection. In this case, it is no longer efficient and no longer performs its role properly.

In short, we must remember that artificial intelligence is almost perfect and very recommended.