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Blackcat SEO references movers and other professionals in residential, commercial, transportation of pool tables or pianos. We have worked with several companies in the Montreal area to obtain a privileged ranking on search engines.

moving house

Moving Montreal


  • Cyclical during the year
  • Constantly increasing since 2006
  • Highly competitive keywords


Work done:

  • REdesign of HTML5 CSS3 , responsive
  • External SEO campaign
  • UX optimizations
  • Performance optimizations
  • Geolocation of the site


First page on ‘moving Montreal’ after two weeks of work, at the beginning of work in January 2015.

rankings1 traffic

Since the beginning of 2015, when we started work on the site and off-site, a change in the composition of traffic has been felt, with the arrival on the first page of important keywords and high conversion.


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Increase in the number of links emanating from an increase in skilled traffic and sales.

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