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BlackCat offers SEO site design E-commerce optimized for the Web SEO, and take care of creation, maintenance and SEO of your online store, from Montreal.

That Community edition, or complete platform Pro, Magento provides a basis of excellence if you are a developer, a trader or a professional interested in the immense flexibility of the CMS. Magento Ecommerce platform provides scalability, flexibility and core functionality needed for the growth of small, medium and large companies. This is why many traders use, and questioning potential in terms of SEO, or SEO, with Magento base.

BlackCatSEO designs, reference, and power your products on the internet using the best platforms.

magento-SEOSEO-friendly features

Avec Magento, merchants and traders take control over their presentation on line, content that they decide to present, and the many features present Loyalty, by default, for the channel in line. This makes it possible when :

  • Control every aspect of your store, merchandising promotions and more.
  • Increase ROI
  • Increase growth
  • Allow merchants increase conversions
  • Eligible for optimal SEO from the start

We create your e-commerce site with the best SEO, key in hand.

Promotions and SEO tools

It is possible attracting new customers with search engines (SEO), structure Magento URLs and SEO tools.

Built from the base to support SEO, Magento auto-generates URLs, until the links in the navigation and filters, sitemaps for submitting your pages to search engine, and a popular page ”search terms.” You can also take more control of your strategy through the Magento URL rewriting tool to clarify the exact structure of specific product pages, and take control of TAGS METAS of information using the intuitive interface administration Magento.


  • Site Map 100% Search Engine Friendly
  • URL Rewrites give full control of URL
  • The meta-information of products and categories
  • Map auto-generated website
  • Popular Search Terms self-generated

BlackCat SEO reference your Magento website

Comment ? meticulously studying your needs, your products, your market and your goal. Our experts will find the shortest path between your existing configuration, and the optimal configuration allowing you to reach the top positions of search engines.

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We are building a site based on your criteria, and benefiting from best practices.

We optimize the code, performance, and content for both the robot and user .

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4. PPC

Paid campaigns are optimized on your site to not lose any traffic.

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