On-site SEO

You already have a strong brand and present, great activity on your social platforms, or partnerships already offering high visibility on the Internet ? Your priority is perhaps not the amount of traffic that reaches your site, but converting that traffic. Several elements internally can be optimized, to guide the interpretation of the content during crawls, and prevent the spread of penalties PANDA filters.

Performance : crucial point in the eyes of search engines, the time it takes for information to reach your website visitors, whatever his country and his navigator, must be minimized. Good organization stylesheets and scripts, for example, allows optimal parallelization download. Technical changes made to measure through a 'performance score' assigned by Google, to compare the effects of changes in business.

The accessibility of the crawler : real road map to pass the robots that explore your site, robots.txt files and file Sitemap prove of great importance to guide visitors optimally to the most important pages, by assigning priority. A well worked Sitemap, and submitted in your 'accounts webmaster' generally achieved a higher rate of indexation 85%. Optimal robots.txt miss no error crawl, confirming technically sound character of your site, in the eyes of search engines.


Defining the content : framing site content, real 'solid core' of your website, text, videos, files or technical documentation must be clearly defined in terms of hierarchy (subdomains, records, groups, categories, etc.) and META data. Hierarchies are based on the logical meaning of the buying process on your market. The funnel employee must be optimized for search engines results, until sale. The choice of keywords, sometimes too many to define a page in precision, systematically based on research of keywords. More, we check the search volume for each keyword, on your country and region, for the most recent period. These lexical and massing studies are used to define each page of your website in the best way possible to capture relevant clicks

Production of content : in addition to well define your content, content production has a real impact on the results of search engines you get and on user experience. From choosing keywords by search volume studies and your industry to write your content optimized through the integration of titles, links and meta data, we write each of your pages with a clear strategy and defined. We know how important regular and quality content is important that your website is performing on search engines. But above all, the content is not directed only to search engines, it must also be adapted to your users. That is why it is designed in your lexical field and popularized for your readers. A content optimized for search engines and prepared to please the users ensures success!

If your content is already existing, we are able to optimize it by providing effective and meaningful improvements to increase your results on search engines. The more you integrate regular and quality content on your website, the more you increase your chances of having more meaningful results.

How to improve internal referencing its website?

BlackcatSEO offers various services depending on your objective, and the current status of your site. The Art of SEO today affecting all aspects of the site, we can assume :

  • Correcting your code: code errors impact the your website loading speed. By correcting your code, you improve the performance of your website.
  • Defining your content : Some rules imposed by Google to the content of your website and its ranking should be taken into account to develop your internal SEO.
  • Geo-location site : It is important to learn the right geolocation of your business and your site for optimal results.
  • Producing your content : The content has an impact on your users and search engines. With optimized content on specific keywords, you improve your position in search engines.
  • Optimizing performance : The speed and performance of your website are essential criteria for a good internal SEO.
  • La stratégie Web-Marketing: The internal SEO is a job for the long term that requires a relevant web marketing strategy with concrete and effective operations.

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