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SEO is a discipline owned by Search Engine Optimization and, more broadly, to ‘Web Marketing’, whose techniques aim to increase audience ‘ search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and in which we specialize.

Companies with good organic referencing benefit from more and more relevant traffic, and therefore receive a significant number of ‘leads’ in return, making SEO and SEO the primary source of revenue across all Markets. Ask for a free scan!

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    BlackCat SEO Assets

    yes. Our goal is to gradually lower your PPC costs by getting you into natural positions for all your high-conversion keywords. Thus, you no longer pay every month to capture a traffic often very expensive! Your positions in the natural search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo, through our state-of-the-art SEO techniques, allow you to take a decisive advantage over your competition, for each market.
    yes. By natural backlinks, we meant all external signals, links, mentions pointing to your site. We build real, qualified and consulted information networks, and we place references on all the platforms your best competitors use. Your transfer of authority, with Blackcat SEO, is immediate and very powerful!
    Your first organic results usually arrive 1 to 2 months after the completion of the in-house work, which marks the beginning of external work, i.e. the construction of backlinks. When Google starts to see a convergence of external signals pointing to your site, you become more interesting and gain rankings on search engine results. Our Reference company in Montreal is known for its know-how:

    In terms of results and stability of rankings, most of our customers do not need to create new backlinks one year after the completion of the work. In terms of tracking rankings and positions, we generally continue to follow up after the work is completed. SEO is a long-term job, and we want to show the importance of organic results in your sales profile.
    Google Reference

    They trust us

    Our performance

    Organic traffic 97
    Conversions / Sales 95
    Visibility 85
    Gains PPC Costs 75

    Customer Testimonials

    “Excellent value for money! All my keywords are still on the front page 4 months after the work is completed. I submit all my technical decisions to BlackCatSEO. Thank you! “
    Jean-Marc Saint-Vil, Gaia Expertise
    Amazing results in just a few weeks – my site has attracted many keywords related to drug names! A long-tail strategy that continues to bear fruit.
    Asma.S, Pharmapause
    Working with BlackCatSEO has been an incredible opportunity to learn many of the strategic aspects that I continue to use today. Our content and social strategy rivals the best!
    Julie Rezo, La Feline
    The site is still progressing: today, I have exceeded the 30,000 impressions per month growing by 34 . Thank you again for the work you’ve done.
    Serge Moquin, Netcertification

    BlackCatSEO Excellence

    BlackCatSEO is the specialist in the consistency of seO signals. We build healthy content, optimal structure, and transfer authority to your site through our powerful backlinks. Join BCM on Google.

    For years, we have studied best practices and have come up with a unique methodology supported by state-of-the-art internal software, available only to our customers. With our unparalleled research and analysis tools, our strategies go beyond traditional data. Our strategic advice is impact-oriented/ maximum ROI, as soon as possible

    Why have a high-performance site? for Google to understand that you are located close to the user. For all useful purposes, we take care not only to secure your site against the various attacks that take place on a well-referenced site, and to optimize the performance elements and downloads that can be:

    • Fixed code – cleaning and compressions.
    • Caching optimization (items that can be stored according to defined parameters, for faster loading)
    • Structural optimization (CSS organization, JS..)

    Text content is the basis of the semantic web, as we know it. As the core of a web page’s legibility, our internal and external strategies revolve around relevant, qualified, and clean content.

    • The tags pre-code (Metatags, Alt and Title, H1, etc.)
    • In-house updates, used to build credibility and authority.
    • External and social promotion.

    Your social platforms are an important indicator of the popularity of your brand or website. Thus, it makes sense that signals from social accounts have become an indicator in the referencing of your site. We have real fans on your facebook, Linkedin, Google pages.
    The construction of backlinks, also called ‘link building’ is a delicate aspect of referencing. So we are working on it with all the necessary attention. Our method of transferring credibility and authority has proven its worth in many markets. We create:

    • Quality, contextual (market-related) and sustainable links over time
    • Maintaining these links,with updates and backlinks of second level

    In general, natural referencing does not guarantee results or prevent their magnitude. At Blackcat SEO, the Reference expert in Montreal, we provide the arrival of the first results one month after the start of external referencing. You can also find out more about our Reference Training!

    With several clients in the province of Quebec, we have to move to some cities. Why not meet and discuss the referencing of your site? We offer SEO Quebec, Laval, Longueuil services, and can take on mandates in any of these cities. The use of email, video conferencing software such as Skype allow us to perfectly fulfill the tracking and tracking usage specific to our specialty!

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