Project Description

Sendinblue – SEO Consulting and Backlink Strategy for Email Automation

Sendinblue, a leader in digital marketing and email campaign automation, collaborated with BlackcatSEO for an SEO consultation and backlinks strategy to strengthen its leading position in the market. This case study highlights BlackcatSEO’s efforts to analyze and optimize Sendinblue’s online presence, with a focus on building its authority and visibility through an effective backlinking strategy.

In-Depth Analysis of Sendinblue’s Online Presence

BlackcatSEO started by conducting an in-depth analysis of Sendinblue’s online presence, assessing its visibility in search results, online reputation, and social media presence. This analysis made it possible to understand Sendinblue’s strengths as well as the opportunities for improvement in terms of SEO and awareness.

Custom Backlinks Strategy

Based on the initial analysis, BlackcatSEO developed a custom backlinking strategy for Sendinblue. This included identifying backlinking opportunities with authority sites in the field of digital marketing, specialized blogs, relevant discussion forums, and other quality sources. The goal was to acquire high-quality inbound links to strengthen Sendinblue’s authority in the eyes of search engines and improve its online visibility.

Backlink Implementation and Monitoring

BlackcatSEO implemented the backlinks strategy for Sendinblue, creating partnerships with relevant sites and getting inbound links to Sendinblue’s website. At the same time, continuous monitoring was provided to assess the quality of backlinks, monitor ranking changes in search results, and measure the impact on organic traffic and conversions.

Performance Reporting and Continuous Adjustments

BlackcatSEO provided Sendinblue with regular reports on the performance of its backlink strategy, including data on new backlinks acquired, ranking improvements, organic traffic, and conversion rates. These reports have allowed Sendinblue to track the effectiveness of its backlinking strategy and make continuous adjustments to maximize long-term results.