What is E-reputation?

The first destination for information seekers of all kinds is the Google search function. It is also the first source of information for anyone looking for information about you.

With the exponential increase in the use of the internet for every aspect of our lives, the confidentiality and control of our personal information has become a priority.

Businesses and individuals now have the ability to share, send and receive information in record time. However, personal information can be indexed to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, despite our desire not to see them published.

Whether it is as a precaution and professionalism, or a desire to protect ourselves from unscrupulous third parties, each of us is concerned with E-reputation today.


Why value a company’s e-reputation?

All companies are concerned about the issue of online reputation and it is necessary to control its own image online, before it can be tainted by third parties or malicious competitors. By staying proactive with your online reputation, you can maintain a positive, credible and professional image of your business.

In an era where recommendations and opinions influence the decision to purchase, controlling your e-reputation is an essential practice not to reduce sales. Indeed, you can be sure that a customer will choose the company with multiple positive reviews rather than one that accumulates few rewarding recommendations!

By accurately analyzing your search results, articles that mention you, social media posts or comments you receive, you are aware of your e-reputation. Of course, it’s important to act quickly in some cases so that it doesn’t affect your company’s business and its contracts.

That’s why BlackCatSEO helps and supports you in controlling your e-reputation with relevant methods that will have a positive impact on your business including:

The range of our services is wide, and our methods are effective. Contact us for a personalized quote regarding your online reputation management needs.

  • Watch and alert on the results of the name
  • Optimizing and securing social accounts
  • Removing unwanted results
  • Delete false results
  • Takeover/deletion of stolen accounts
  • Recovering unwanted results
  • Recovering unwanted comments

The range of our services is wide, and our methods are effective. Contact us for a personalized quote about your online reputation management needs.

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