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The BlackCatSEO agency is organized around the high-quality content. The digital content is the center of our strategies concerning changes ON your site, but also promotional content published goshawks your site, on third party sites, to quickly confer authority your domain.

It may therefore act :

  • Blogs or articles or press releases
  • one page, internally on your site or blog
  • a pdf, or book download
  • video, an infographic
  • All other content online.

The digital content is the essence of any coherent Web Marketing Strategy. We take care to optimize it from the foundation for you to enjoy a maximum ROI, and therefore sales, directly. To maximize the production of this kind of textual content, classical, we take care to evaluate important elements :

  • How this content he will generate more traffic to your website ?

B2B Companies who post more 10 blog articles a month will produce almost 3 times more traffic than those publishing less 2 monthly. In addition to the effect of activity and benchmarking ', regular investment internal content helps nourish your leads by answering questions at different stages of their buying process.

  • How will this impact my content sales ?

While in traditional commercial approach, you must answer questions 150 contacts at the same time, then you need an important commercial form. On the web, consulting a well crafted article can invite you and many hours of work. The content is produced, not a burden, but a searchable organization active, which is synonymous with high conversion heritage !

  • On which sites go to promote my products or services ?

The digital content product has the third person 'must be valued on the best web platforms, in particular those which already constitute a recognized asset in the market you covet : a newspaper, a blog, or a recognized media are among the targets it is necessary to seek. How to get there ? Our experts are here to help you produce the best digital content, and also reference it in the best sites ! This specialty is called : search & rsquo; or & lsquo influencers, blog outreach & rsquo;, in which we specialize with exclusive access over 2000 web platforms.

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