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Putting your website online is not enough to ensure its online visibility. You created it on your own or by calling on a developer, or a team, and you like the design and experience you get. But you also need to implement the methods for it to be found and seen on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing: this is web referencing.

Natural SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mixture of techniques that, when worked in symbiosis, help you increase the visibility of your website on search engines in order to attract more qualified traffic.


What does ‘natural / organic SEO’ mean?

There are more and more companies offering services to optimally improve the “referencing of your website.” If web referencing is indeed important, it is still necessary to know its contours. What is web referencing? What are the interests of opting for this solution? Knowing the answers to these questions is essential before you get started.

Definition of SEO

When you set up a website, it is so that it is consulted by a more or less important audience. It is therefore important that the address of the site is easy to find when launching a search. Web referencing is simply all the tools and practices that will allow a website to be well ranked in the results of a search engine.

There are, however, several types of web referencing:
  • Natural web referencing;
  • Paid referencing (also known as “sponsored referencing”).

Distinction between different types of technical SEO

There are various categories of web referencing.

Paid Ads

As the name suggests, paid REFERencing will require expenses. Simply, this type of web referencing consists of the purchase of digital advertising spaces that will allow the site to gain visibility on the web. These spaces can be banners or even adwords campaigns.

Natural traffic

On the natural seering side, it’s another bell sound. Here, no space purchase, but just the use of effective techniques and tricks in order to increase the visibility of the website as well as its positioning in the results displayed by search engines.

Who should be entrusted with SEO ?

Several options are possible:
  • Entrust the referencing of its website to professionals;
  • Choose to refer your own website;
  • Entrust referencing to a third party (e.g. an employee).

To entrust this mission to professionals is to make the choice of quality. Indeed, these SEO professionals are often web agencies with the necessary skills to ensure optimal web referencing. Of course, this option includes compensation from the agency for the work done. These professionals can also keep an eye on the progress of the site’s visibility in order to react as quickly as possible when a problem negatively affects the visibility of your site.

Is ensuring your own SEO a good idea?

In order to help ensure a good natural web referencing, it is possible, through research, to find techniques and tricks on the net. For example: One of these tricks is to insert one or more keywords in different places on a web page or article. While it is true that this trick can help, it alone does not guarantee the success of referencing a website. Indeed, other tools are needed since natural referencing is also done at other levels. Unless you have a web editor who masters the rules of REFERencing, it is better to entrust this mission to professional agencies.

Is SEO enough to provide better visibility?

For web referencing to be highly efficient, other conditions need to be met. First, the content published on the site must be of quality. This will encourage targets to become more loyal. Then, you have to try to communicate about the notoriety of the site, for example by also being present on social networks. This will also create a community around your site.

Natural web referencing traditionally opposes the marketing techniques of paid search engines, including the PPC (Ad Words) of placing a certain amount of money per click on certain keywords and keyword groups. It is thus possible to artificially attract traffic and visitors to its website. An expensive and less and less effective technique as visitors are less able to learn about the lack of relevance of paid links, organic or natural web referencing has become a reliable and robust solution for attracting companies and marketers. qualified leads without subsequent expenses.

Optimizing your site for natural referencing simply means cleaning up every aspect (internal or external) of its site:

Your paid SEO campaigns will gradually decrease as your rankings for the same keywords increase in the natural results of search engines. You find equivalent and even more skilled traffic, without spending on it.


Long-term web referencing

The natural optimization operations of your site are necessarily about improving your website in every way. Natural SEO is today a solid webmarketing, a clean development, in short: it only reflects a healthy business. In addition, penalty filters prevent 10,000 incoming links from being built in a single day without being thrown into the sandbox.

So together we build the steps that need to be taken to bring you closer to your goals:

The first page of search engine results for your chosen keywords
A gradual and natural increase in your organic traffic not related to your brand.
Better conversion due to optimizing your pages
A substantial or total reduction in your online advertising costs (Ad words)

Aim for natural traffic!


All that remains is to put in place all the points explained in your SEO recommendations, and to pass on to your team in-house the important elements to watch. Don’t panic! We adapt the technical jargon to all our interlocutors, so that you can set up as quickly as possible,

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