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L & rsquo; BlackCat SEO agency Québec is a leader in the Organic SEO web in Quebec. L & rsquo; all techniques & rsquo; acquisition of natural SEO traffic BlackCat belongs to & lsquo;”Web Marketing”, designed to give a wider audience and increased visibility to a website. We are the SEO experts, ou ‘SEO’ (pour ‘Search Engine Optimization’) – pour les engins de recherche tels que Google, Bing et Yahoo.

Sites that are positioned in the top natural positions (Non-paying) the results of the search engines benefit from & rsquo; a very cheap traffic (technically free), whose & rsquo; constant supply of Leads provides crucial advantage in all d & rsquo markets business.

The advantages BlackCat SEO

Yes. However, keep in mind that SEO we practice is totally healthy. It follows 100% general lines of conduct specific to search engines, and none of our client suffers from penalties due to our practices. We proceed according to a proven methodology, and our job is customized for your SEO : code optimization, performance, definition content, construction de backlinks : everything is taken care of by our team of SEOs in Quebec, so you start to feel the results in terms of traffic in the first month.
No backlink n & rsquo; if your site is built n & rsquo; is not well defined, clean and efficient. Depending on who makes changes to the & rsquo; internal (your team or ours), early results typically begin three weeks after the construction of the first links back to your site.
Yes. We learned how to build backlinks that are perfectly indexed, Useful, and consulted by visitors from search engines. Articles, blog networks and associations bloggers, Press releases, bookmarks, mentions and comments are the specialty of BlackCat SEO Quebec. L & rsquo; effectiveness of our SEO comes to us both d & rsquo; long experience with companies nestled differently, and our & lsquo; reach’ partners online, context for an assignment d & rsquo; almost immediate authority.
As a company performing SEO in Quebec, we believe that every audience requires a special analysis, and special attention : none of our SEO operations n & rsquo; is not contextualized, In the region, language, the market. Many of the results are available online :

We send, during the contract period, regular monitoring and a summary of tracking your results. No room for chance, everything is explained through our proprietary analytics reports : you can follow at any time, n & rsquo traffic developments; any semantic group despite the & rsquo; recent SSL encryption.
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Organic Traffic 97
Conversions / Sales 95
Exposure 85
Earnings PPC Costs 75

Customer Testimonials

“Excellent value for money! All my keywords are still first page 4 months after the completion. I submit all my technical decisions BlackCatSEO . Thank you ! “
Jean-Marc Saint-Vil, Gaia Expertise
Amazing results in a few weeks - my site has attracted many related keywords to the drug names ! Strategy 'long-tail' that continues to bear fruit.
Asma.S, Pharmapause
Working with BlackCatSEO was an incredible opportunity to learn many strategic aspects that I continue to use today. Our content strategy & social rivals the best !
Julie Rezo, La Feline
The site is still growing: aujourd & rsquo; hui, j & rsquo; have surpassed 30,000 impressions per month growth 34 %. Thank you again for the work you have done.
Serge Moquin, Netcertification

BlackCatSEO Excellence

BlackCatSEO specializes in all Web SEO techniques to naturally increase your organic traffic, for healthy results in the long-term. We offer search engine coherence between your own internal content, efficient technology, and external signals such as backlinks or social sharing. Join BCM on Google .

We differ from other SEO firms and SEO because of our unique methodology supported by internal software on the cutting edge of technology, and available only for customers. With our search tools and unparalleled analysis, our strategies go beyond traditional data. Our strategic recommendations are oriented impact / ROI maximum, in the shortest time.

It n & rsquo; is not very logical d & rsquo; s search engine optimization & rsquo; a site if it n & rsquo; is not accessible, quickly and at any time, users to. C & rsquo; BlackCat SEO's why at Quebec , we work your performance together with your internal SEO: vous obtenez un site rapide, and considered & lsquo; close to the & rsquo; user & rsquo;, so your results are sustainable over time, and prevent a rebounding rate too high. We take care :

  • L & rsquo; optimization Caching
  • Parallelization downloads
  • L & rsquo; code optimization.

Companies wishing to work with us do not always know what keywords are needed to find: and we are starting every SEO work on your website through targeted analysis of lexical fields used to find your services. We then define each page, each category of your site, according to the best tags and anchors. Several techniques are used, among :

  • The specific code tags (Metatags, Old & Title, H1, etc.)
  • L & rsquo; articulation of the content itself
  • The headers and internal mesh

With the progressive weighting of ranking algorithms by social signals, increasing importance has been granted to the fans Google+, Facebook, ou twitter. Although & rsquo; no direct correlation between the social sphere and organic rankings n & rsquo; has been recognized by Google, l & rsquo; it can be seen that & rsquo; s history to systematic social signals impact on rankings. With this experience, Blackcat SEO Quebec included in any SEO web transaction increased the pool of fans, to your page.
The link building Returns, ou backlinks, is :

  • Qualitative links, long-lasting ones (related to your market) and sustainable over time, consulted by users.
  • The maintenance of these links, with updates and second level backlinks

BlackCat SEO Quebec stands out with a unique methodology, expertise and unrivaled experience in Quebec, in SEO. Our methodology s & rsquo; n & rsquo suits; any company, and all markets : nothing too tucked or too competitive ! We are specialists Quebec search engine listing and offer services SEO Canada. contact us without delay, or make an appointment to learn more about our SEO Training !

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