Why Black Cat?

In view of the years of work and experience in the world of referencing and web design, several recurring questions have been asked. Among them, a more insistent: Why the name Blackcat?

Nothing to do with web marketing, at first glance. Where the company names of our competitors are often evocative of ‘growth’, ‘visibility’ or ‘audience’ and the Blackcat name does not evoke any of this.

Funny hypotheses

We have heard some doubts about the keyword ‘Black Hat’ – this old story of cowboy hat colors – in reference to a moral in colorful form in the world of seoalling. Here’s what Wikipedia says:

The term is also used in the field of SEO to describe the behavior of a seer who uses techniques contrary to Google
guidelines 4
. Most commonly, this term describes activities made of automation (generating sites automatically to get links, generating blog comments including links …) with the aim of doing mass-scale referencing. However, any technique that is not sustainable leads to this designation. In contrast, there are the “white hats”, which would respect Google’s guidelines and make more manual referencing. However, the limits are difficult to identify, which is why the use of software and automation scripts reveals the boundary between the two.

Is SEO you do legit? Are your backlinks penalized?

If the cat had been white, would it have been better? In fact, none of our customers have ever been penalized, either by Panda, Penguin or any other animal. The results we offer are safe and systematic, the testimonials of our customers are our greatest pride. No, we are not dangerous web hackers, crisscrossing vulnerabilities and spamming exchange devices. The reason for the name of the company is explained differently.

What does it have to do with the web?

We love cats, whose fur is black. Our passion for cats has long been known to our employees. We love cats whose fur is black, that, true to their character, we have called it that.

Beyond illustrating a hobby that is finally quite common, the very name of our company wants to demonstrate the very purpose of a healthy seoLINE:authenticity,the true key to success on the web and elsewhere.