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A social networking strategy is above all a way to share useful things for the public, making your brand benefit from the natural sharing specific to each medium.

Our method is therefore that of indirect promotion, touching on the solutions you bring to your customers, the different phases of questioning.

  • What’s the problem?
  • What are the solutions?
  • Who can help me?
  • Who is best to help me?

Thus, our basons with you, a coherent and clear editorial calendar, which can be taken up by someone on your team.

We begin by launching advertising campaigns and ‘incentives’ among our own member networks, made up of our own, and several thousand members of partners. The whole promotion of your services on this basis (targeted by country/interest/language).

You’ll see your Fans base grow every day with our detailed and clear Dashboards, explaining the general commitment and through Post, as well as your most viral messages. Valuable information to use to segment your message every week.



Have a solid fan base to test their social engagement


Finally, we detail an editorial calendar with you, over several weeks, to find out what will be posted, and on which platform, in advance. A precise and winning formula awaits your company. Come and discuss it with one of our representatives! Your members are just waiting to meet you, directly where they are already present.

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